Best Deshedding Tool For Dogs: Most Popular Models Reviewed (2019 Updated)

Grooming your dog on a regular basis has more benefits than you might imagine. Here are a few of them:

  • Gets rid of knots and tangles in fur that can be painful for your dog.
  • Decreases the amount of pet dander in your home and on your dog (great if you have friends with allergies).
  • Gives you an opportunity to check your dog for signs of illnesses or parasites which means you can catch them early before they become serious.
  • Improves your bond with your pet since you are regularly caring for it and doing something that makes both of you feel better.
  • Makes your dog’s coat shinier and softer.

Your dog might not take to this new routine at first but eventually it will become more comfortable and familiar. Once your dog is used to it, they will grow to enjoy this quality time they get to spend with you. And you’ll enjoy the decreased amount of fur all over your house.

Quick Comparison: Best Dog Deshedding Tool

Deshedding ToolQualityOur Rating
The FurminatorA+
The ShedmonsterA-
The Desheddinator 3 in 1A
Oster Equine Care Series Curry CombA-

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

Tips for Grooming Your Dog

It is important to be careful when you brush your dog because you can actually hurt him if you do it wrong. You also won’t get the same deshedding results if you don’t do it right. So use these tips to get the best pain-free results:

Grooming Your Dog

  • Brush regularly: for dogs with short hair, you should brush them at least once a week. For dogs with medium to long hair, you’ll want to do it several times per week (at least 2-3 times weekly).
  • Bathe your dog: giving your dog a bath first will make the hair softer and looser so that you can brush it more easily. Don’t bathe it more than 1-2 times per month, though, because its skin will get dry with too many baths and make sure to use a good shampoo.
  • Use leave-in conditioner: between bath times, you can lightly spray a leave-in conditioner on the fur to make it softer and easier to brush. This is especially helpful if their fur is tangled.
  • Avoid brush burn: you need to brush very gently and avoid pressing down too hard or else you might cause “brush burn” which is painful. You should also check for lumps, bumps and other sensitive areas that might be painful if brushed.
  • Use long, gentle strokes: this will make it more relaxing and less painful for your dog. If you find a tough knot or tangle, don’t tug too hard. Use some leave-in conditioner and let it soak in a bit while you brush another area. Then, gently work at it again.

Using these tips, you’ll be sure to get all the benefits of grooming your dog on a regular basis. The only thing left is to choose the right brush for your dog!

Editor’s Choice – Best Dog Shedding Tool

Here are our 4 top picks – choose yours based on what your dog needs:

1. The Furminator

This is probably our favorite choice because it is just so versatile. It also seems to do the best job of getting rid of all that excess fur so that it doesn’t end up on your couch or your favorite pair of pants.

The Furminator Deshedding Tools for Dogs

It comes in different sizes so that you can choose the one that best suits your dog. The only downside is that it is not a complete tool. That is, it doesn’t handle tangled fur so if you’ve got a dog with tangles, you should brush him with a regular brush before using this.


2. The Shedmonster

This handy brush can decrease shedding by as much as 90% if used effectively. It also has two different options: one for short, fine hair and one for medium or long hair. And the best part? They are both the same price. Usually, you have to pay more for the larger brushes.

The Shedmonster Deshedding Tools for Dogs

Another big plus with this brush is that it is one of the most affordable ones on the market. The biggest downside is that it doesn’t have an automatic cleaning function so you have to remove the hair from the brush on your own.


3. The Desheddinator 3 in 1

This brush comes in three different sizes so you can choose the right one for your dog’s fur. The best thing about this brush is that it has a combination of different tools so that you can handle tangles, excess fur, and anything else that you encounter.

The Desheddinator 3 in 1 Deshedding Tools for Dogs

It’s so versatile, you can even use it for the cat if you’ve got one. We also really like the sturdy handle and the quality of this product. But it is a little bit more expensive than the others because of that. So you have to decide how much you are willing to spend to deshed your pets.


4. Oster Equine Care Series Curry Comb

We have to admit that this brush is actually designed for horses. But it just works so amazingly well on dogs, too, that we really recommend it. It can even be used on your furniture to remove the fur that your dog has left all over it!

Oster Equine Care Series Curry Comb Deshedding Tools for Dogs

The only thing to note is that if you’ve got a dog with longer hair, you’re not going to be happy with this brush. Since it was made for horses, it’s designed for shorter hair.