Best Dog Boots For Hiking: Protect Your Pet’s Paws in 2019

At first, most people think the idea of dog boots is a bit ridiculous. But once you realize how much they can actually help your dog, you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting them sooner. Here are some of the reasons good dog boots can help your dog:

  • Hikes are a lot of fun but they also put your dog at risk for scraping and scratching the sensitive pads on the bottom of his feet. If those cuts get infected, your dog will have serious problems. The protection offered by dog boots keeps his little paws safe and scratch-free.
  • Freezing snowy winters will transform the world into a winter wonderland that your dog is eager to explore. But that same freezing ground can freeze your pup’s paws and cause long term. If you wouldn’t walk outside barefoot, neither should he! (don’t forget about getting a quality dog jacket, to!)
  • Street salt and deicing chemicals that are used during winters to keep the roads clear can be absorbed through the pads on your dog’s feet. They are also extremely toxic to dogs. Boots will keep him healthy and happy.
  • Extremely hot summers can be just as damaging. Your pup’s paws are even more sensitive than yours. So if the ground is a little too hot for you to walk on, it’s scalding your dog’s paws.
  • Dog boots can also help correct the posture of dogs who have bone deformations like hip dysplasia.

Quick Comparison: Best Hiking Boots For Dogs 

Dog BootsQualityOur Rating
Ruffwear Griptex Dog BootsB+
Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots for Snow & MudB+
Musher’s SecretA

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

How to Find the Right Boots For Your Pet

Choosing the right boot takes a little bit of research and measurement in order to make sure you get a snug (but not too tight) fit that is comfortable for your dog while still offering decent paw protection.

Dog Boots

Here are a few tips for figuring out what your dog needs:

  • The fit: the right boot should fit snugly but comfortably. If it’s too tight, it will cut off circulation. If it’s too loose, it will rub against the paw and cause discomfort.
  • Sole thickness: a good, solid sole will provide great protection but if it’s not flexible, it’s going to make it difficult for your dog to walk. Look for something made of a good, solid material that it is also bendable and flexible for easy walking.
  • Measure your dog’s foot: to do this, place the paw on a piece of white paper. Push down gently so that his paw expands as wide as it can. Measure your dog’s paw when it is fully expanded. Do this for the front and back paws since they are sometimes different.

When you are putting the boots on, be gentle and take your time, especially the first time you put them on. You also should give your dog time to walk around and get used to the boots before you take him on the hike.

Even after you find the perfect set of boots, you still want to check his paws after the hike to make sure there is no damage. Finally, once you find a good set that you and your dog both seem happy with, buy 2 or 3 sets so that you can have them in rotation and prevent any one pair from wearing out too quickly.

You can also keep a spare set in your car for spontaneous hikes or unexpectedly cold or hot weather.

Editor’s Choice – Best Boots For Dogs Going Hiking

Here are our top 4 picks:

1. Muttluks

These are a great set of boots made with high quality materials. They are very durable because they are made with leather soles and nylon thread that makes them extra resistant to water and salt. The Velcro closure makes them easy to secure to your dog’s foot.

Muttluks Dog Shoes

Plus they are made with a reflective material that is great if you go out at night or in the evening. You’ll still be able to see your dog thanks to that reflective material.

The 8 different size options give you a wide range of options. This is especially useful if you will need different sizes for the front and back paws. The only downside we found is that they aren’t the easiest boots to put on your dog (especially if he’s fighting you about it). But once they are on, they are secure.


2. Ruffwear Griptex Dog Boots

Ruffwear makes a great boot with really strong soles but they won’t leave marks all over your floors like other boots will. They’ve got great traction and an adjustable strap closure so you can customize the fit.

Ruffwear Griptex Dog Shoes

The fabric on topic is a very breathable mesh fabric which does have its advantages but it means they are not waterproof at all so if you’re going out in the mud or snow, these aren’t the boots you should get.


3. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots for Snow & Mud

These boots are specifically made to be water resistant so it’s great if you’re going on a muddy hike or you expect to be walking across streams and rivers. We also love the Velcro closures that make them super easy to take on and off.

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Shoes

The 8mm thick soles are super strong and protective and have a non-slip bottom to keep your dog from falling. We do recommend that you go for a size slightly wider than your dog’s paw since they aren’t quite as flexible as other options and your dog will need room for his paw to expand.


4. Musher’s Secret

So, technically this isn’t a boot but it is a great option if your dog just simply isn’t liking the boot option. It’s a massage lotion that you can rub into the pads of his feet before you take him out.

Musher’s Secret Dog Losion

It acts sort of like an “invisible” boot by providing a clear seal over his pads that prevent them from getting cut or cracked and also help protect him from ground that is either too hot or too cold (just like quality dog socks).

It’s perfect if you’re not expecting any extreme hiking or severe elements and just want some basic protection to keep his paws healthy. It’s not the best option if you need a higher level of protection.