Best Dog Brush for Labs: Grooming Made Easy in 2019

Every owner of a labrador has to just accept that there is going to be dog fur all over their house. No matter how much you vacuum, it always seems to come back. But you can definitely minimize it to tolerable levels if you get the best dog brush for labs.

Not all dog brushes are created equal. Some are meant for short haired dogs, some for long hair. Some are designed to just detangle while others are designed to get rid of loose hair. If you are a lab owner, what you need is the best dog brush for shedding dogsdesh.

In this article, you’ll learn all about Labrador grooming basics, tips to cut down on shedding, and our 3 favorite brands of dog brushes that are perfect for your shedding lab!

Quick Comparison: Best Shedding Brush for Labs in 2018

Dog BrushQualityOur Rating
The Furminator Dog RakeA
Zoom-Groom Massage BrushA
Tough 1 Great rips Flex Finishing BrushA

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

Labrador Shedding Outside

A Basic Guide to Grooming Your Lab

With their thick, luxurious fur, labs can be a bit of a hassle when it comes to grooming. But they more than return the effort with their undying loyalty, love, and playfulness so it’s totally worth it.

Plus, developing a regularly grooming routine with your lab not only keeps your house cleaner, it gives you a chance to bond with your dog even more. Grooming can actually be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for both you and your pup.

Here are some tips and guidelines for taking the best care possible of your adorable lab:

Grooming Your Labrador Dog

  1. Bathing: your lab doesn’t need a thorough scrubbing and shampoo more than once every couple months but you should at least give him a weekly rinse in the tub so he is used to bathing and doesn’t freak out when it’s time for a thorough cleaning.
  2. Light shampoo: during those weekly rinses, don’t use shampoo. This strips out the natural oils that their coat needs to grow healthy and shiny. Only use shampoo during the thorough cleanse every couple of months.
  3. Rinse thoroughly: on the occasions when you do use shampoo, make sure that you rinse it out completely. Labs, like all dogs, lick their coats so any shampoo residue will get into their system.
  4. Drying: use two towels. The first will absorb as much water as it can and the second will get whatever is left. You can also use a blow dryer but make sure not to linger on one spot too long as it could burn his fur and skin.
  5. Brushing: for a shiny, healthy coat, it is a good idea to brush him daily. The brush helps remove debris and old fur while also distributing the natural oils through his fur. It’s also a relaxing massage that your lab will love.

Practicing good grooming is a great way to keep your dog looking gorgeous and cut down on shedding. Regular rinses in the tub and blow drying can help remove any loose fur. But daily brushing is the key to making sure old fur sticks to the brush rather than your couch, clothes, and bed.

Tips for Stopping Shedding

The truth is you cannot stop shedding or molting. It is a natural process that your dog will go through. If you didn’t want to deal with shedding, you should have gotten a furless pet! With that said, there are some ways to manage that shedding.

massive shedding

Even though you can’t stop your lab from shedding, you can take steps to minimize the effect on your home. With these tips, you can prevent your home from looking like a fur tornado ran through it.

  1. Brush your dog daily: brushing with a good deshedding tool or rake, followed by a regular brush is by far the best way to get rid of that loose fur that was otherwise destined for your furniture and clothes.
  2. Brush him outside: even with daily brushing, a shedding dog is going to give off a lot of fur so it’s best to do this outside so it doesn’t all end up in your house anyway. If you don’t have a yard, lay out a tarp or special carpet so that you can easily remove the fur after you’re done.
  3. Get the right brush: this is important. Not any old brush will be up to the task of dealing with all that loose fur and trust me, there will be a LOT of loose fur. Read below to learn more.

Editor’s Choice – Best Dog Brush for Shedding Labradors

What you want in a dog brush for shedding dogs will depend on the work you are doing. Wide-toothed combs, rubber brushes, and blade metal combs are the best for pulling up all the loose fur and cleaning the coat.

Bristle brushes, pin brushes, and slicker brushes are great for following up and doing detail work, making sure that you get every last bit of loose fur out of his coat.

With that in mind, here are our 3 favorite dog brushes for shedding dogs:

1. The Furminator Dog Rake

This tool separates and detangles at the same time. It’s designed to get down to the undercoat and remove that hard-to-reach fur below the surface. The stainless steel pins can hurt your dog’s skin though, so make sure you do not brush too firmly. yellow furminator rake


2. Zoom-Groom Massage Brush

This rubber massage brush is good for removing loose fur and dry dirt. It’s also gentle enough so you can use it on dogs who are more nervous or sensitive. It’s not quite as effective as a rake or slicker but it gets the job done.

Blue zoom-groom brush


3. Tough 1 Great rips Flex Finishing Brush

Now, this one is technically for horses but it’s so affordable and functional that we love it as a finishing brush for cleaning up the coat after you have gone through it with a rake or slicker.Blue Great rips brush



All three of these will get the job done. Be sure to read reviews by other owners, read their experience and let it be your guide when you make decision which one to choose.