Best Dog Crate Covers: 5 Top Quality Options (2018 Review)

If you have already provided your dog with a crate, then you must understand the need of getting a cover for the crate as well. Your dog deserves some privacy. Plus, keeping the dog wire crate without a cover can cause the steel to get cold, which will make your dog uncomfortable. Hence, it is up to you to make sure you provide a place where your dog can rest in peace and warmth.

Quick Comparison: Best Covers For Dog Crates in 2018

Dog Crate CoverQualityOur Rating
Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire CratesA+
Precision Pet Snoozzy Baby Duvet Crate CoverA
Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate CoverA-
Modern Blue Marine Dog Pet Wire Kennel Crate Cage House CoverB
ArcticShield Insulated Kennel CoverB+

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

Features to Look For

When you go to the market or decide to buy a dog crate cover online, you need to make sure it has at least a few of the following features. This will help you make sure you get a great product. It will also help you evaluate the products against each other.

Washing ability

Your dog’s hair will eventually get stuck to or fall on the cover. Due to this reason, you will need to make sure you can quickly clean the cover of the dog crate. Make sure you get one that is easy to clean either by hand or by machine.


Always check the material that the cover has been made from. Make sure it is durable and will be able to handle some roughness that the dog might endure on it. The cover should also provide warmth and a comfy environment inside the crate.

Window opening

Providing ventilation is one of the most important things you need to look for. This means that you need to choose a dog house that has various panels and windows on the side as well. This will allow for greater air circulation and will let your dog have fresh, dry air inside.

Editor’s Choice – Best Wire Crate Covers

Now that you know the features to look for, make sure you also know the best covers available on the market. For this reason, we have listed down the top five dog crate covers, which allow you to cover the crate and provide your dog with a safe place to get rest as well as get some privacy.

1. Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

The Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover is one product which is highly durable and will work great to provide your dog with a private place. If you are looking to hide the wiring of the crate, you may like this product as it ensures that none of the wires are shown. It is also very safe for dogs and provides a calming environment inside, which allows your dog to get a good snooze.

Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates


Having a large dog means having an extra large dog crate which, in turn, means you will require a crate cover that is available in that size. It should also be made from a material that can withstand rough use as dogs have the habit of pulling on fabrics. The dimensions of this crate cover are 42 inches length x 28 inches width x 30 inches height; these dimensions are big enough to allow you to fit the cover on a large crate easily. Also, the cover is only available in black color.

There are many panels that you can open for ventilation. Opening the opposites one at the same time will allow the air to circulate inside the dog house. Two mesh windows are also added to the sides of the cover, which act as ventilation and give the dog a good view from the inside of the dog house.

The material used to make the cover is Oxford cloth, which is a highly durable material that can withstand rough use and will ensure a long lifetime. Fitting the cover on the crate will not be a problem as there is a zipper attached to the cloth that you can open and close to ensure a snug fit.



This cover is one of the best products that you will find on the market that has received a high customer rating as well. The cover is quite affordable and will easily fit your budget. The cover is made with high-quality material and design which ensures its performance. It is also easy to clean as you can accomplish this mission with just a soap and cloth.

2. Precision Pet Snoozzy Baby Duvet Crate Cover

A dog will spend a lot of time in the crate, especially if it is cozy enough to provide it a great environment inside the house. Keeping this comfort in mind, the makers of Precision Pet Snoozzy Baby Duvet Crate Cover made sure that they provide a product that ensures a comfortable place for the dog to sleep. This has been ensured by the type of material used to make the cover which is very soft and smooth.

Precision Pet Snoozzy Baby Duvet Crate Cover


You hold the ability to raise the cover from opposite sides of each other. This makes the cover reversible and provides proper ventilation inside the crate as well. The ventilation system allows for air circulation that makes sure the inside of the crate is kept dry and fresh. There are a few panels added to the sides of the cover as well, which provide excellent ventilation and a window for the dog to see outside.

The material used to make the cover is faux suede, which has warm fleece inside and a baby pattern on the other side. This makes sure that the inside is kept nice and warm, which adds to the great design to the cover. The cover makes sure that your dog gets a safe and cozy place inside the crate.



If you are looking for a simple yet soft design for your dog and a place where it can sleep in peace, then this is one of the best covers for you. It provides just the right warmth and environment to make a snug resting place.

3. Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover

Understanding your dog’s needs and ensuring a durable product, the Precision Pet Crate Cover proves to be great for crates which are used indoors or outdoors. The durability of the product is ensured by the material used to make the product. It also relatively cheap and will provide your dog a comfortable place to rest. Also, this product is best suited for large crates.

Precision Pet Indoor Outdoor Crate Cover


The material used to make this product is highly durable, which ensures that it will last for a long time. It is also ideal for almost any type of weather conditions. It will not get damaged and will provide a safe and warm place inside the kennel. The fabric has been made water resistant and heavy duty. The stitching of the fabric has been backed by double stitching. There are also zippers attached to the product to allow you to open and close the flaps. These zippers are also heavy duty and ensured to last for a long time.

There are various openings and flaps on the cover that you can just fold upwards and close. These provide good ventilation inside the kennel. It also has side mesh windows, which add to the ventilation and gives a way for the dogs to look outside. The material is easy to wash, as you can just place it into your machine with the other laundry. There is a zipper at the bottom of the cover which allows you to take out the crate’s pan with ease. All in all, this product provides a lot of convenience.



This crate cover is amongst the best products that you can get and can easily be used for inside or outside use. It will prove to be a sound investment as your dog will be comfortable with the material and will like the windows and other ventilation panels added to the cover.

4. Modern Blue Marine Dog Pet Wire Kennel Crate Cage House Cover

Even if you keep a dog crate inside the house, you will need to cover the crate to provide your dog some privacy and to give the crate a good look (in case you are not too fond of the metal or plastic dog crate). One such product involves the Modern Blue Marine Dog Pet Wire Kennel Crate Cage House Cover. As the name suggests, the cover has quite a modern look to it and will look great with almost any type of interior décor. The cover is available in various sizes as well, so you can choose the one that fits your crate’s size.

Modern Blue Marine Dog Pet Wire Kennel Crate Cage House Cover


One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will not get a crate with the cover. The cover has flaps on two sides, which allow you to roll up the cover and tie it up. This way you can create proper ventilation inside the crate. If you want to provide privacy to your dog, you can simply let down the flaps. There are snaps included on the top of the cage that allow you to quickly snap on the flap cover without having to worry about it rolling back down. You can keep the front of the cover open so that the dog can enter the crate without any difficulty.

There are also various designs available in this cover, which allow you to match it with the type of décor you have. The cover is lightweight and can easily be removed. Cleaning it is quite easy as well; you can either hand wash it or machine wash it. The material of the cover is of high quality that ensures the inside of the crate is kept cozy enough for your dog to enjoy.



This is the best product that you can purchase as there are many great designs available. This is especially ideal for a person who is quite conscious about keeping everything according to the central theme. The cover is also easy to use and durable enough to last for a long time.

5. ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover

This product is best suited if you are living in a cold region and would like to place the wooden dog crate either inside or outside the house. With this cover, you will be able to provide your dog with a safe shelter. Plus, it would make for a good and cheaper alternative to a dog house. The best part about this crate cover is that it will be able to keep your dog safe in a variety of weather conditions.

ArcticShield Insulated Kennel Cover


The material of this dog crate cover has been made with ArcticShield technology, which is known for its ability to protect the house from strong winds, heavy rain, and especially the cold weather and snow. There are carry handles added to the top of the cover, which are high enough to allow you to move the crate around. Straps have also been added to the crate so that the cover does not flap when the wind blows, which makes sure that your dog does not get disturbed.

There are window openings on the side of the cover too, which allow you to open and shut them according to your need. They also provide ventilation inside the kennel. The bottom of the cover is what allows you to take the lid on and off and it is easy to handle. You can clean the cover in the machine or by washing it by hand.



The product will prove to be very efficient and useful if you are living in harsh climatic conditions. It gives your dog a comfortable and warm shelter where it can rest at ease. It is a great buy for people who are looking for an alternative to a dog house.


When considering a dog cover, make sure it has at least some of the features listed above. This way you can be sure that you are buying a quality product. These products are also listed for your ease so that you can make your decision accordingly. If you want a different cover, you can get an excellent guide from the products mentioned above as you will have a fair idea of what to look for.

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