Best Dog Food For Pancreatitis: Guide And 4 Reviews For 2018

Pancreatitis happens when the pancreas becomes inflamed.  The causes aren’t always clear but when it happens, it can cause symptoms such as stomach pain, loss of appetite, and vomiting.

This is a somewhat common condition for a dog, especially certain breeds. To help avoid this medical condition, there are some preventative measures such as providing a quality, low-fat diet.

This is why it is so important to find a dog food that will help your pup get better and prevent the condition in the first place.

Read on to learn the 4 brands with the best dog food for pancreatitis.

Quick Comparison: Best Food For Dogs With Pancreatitis in 2018

Dog FoodQualityOur Rating
Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken RecipeA
The Honest Kitchen ZealA-
Fromm Grain Free Game Bird FormulaA
Premium Edge Healthy Weight IIA-

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

What Is Pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis means “inflammation” of the pancreas. The pancreas is an organ near your dog’s stomach that helps control blood sugar and digests food.

The pancreas is responsible for releasing enzymes that aid in digestion. These enzymes become active in the small intestine.  When the pancreas becomes inflamed, these digestive enzymes that are normally inactive become active inflaming and causing damage to the pancreas and its surrounding tissue and other organs.

In most cases, the problems only last for a short time period, this is acute pancreatitis.

If you notice them last longer than a day or notice that they keep coming back regularly, you should take your dog to the veterinarian to get an official diagnosis. This may be chronic pancreatitis and it can be life-threatening.

Sick Dog

Here are the main symptoms you want to look out for:

In more severe cases, you might also see the following symptoms:

  • Fever (or low body temperature)
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of energy
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dehydration
  • Irregular heartbeat

Causes of Pancreatitis in Dogs

While the causes of pancreatitis in dogs is not very clear, some professionals believe toxins, high levels of calcium in the blood, or trauma to the pancreas are all possibilities.

Another suggested cause is a high-fat diet and obesity.  If your dog eats a large amount of fatty food all at once this can cause acute pancreatitis. Veterinarians tend to see an increase of this dirorder around the holidays.

What Types of Dog Foods are Best for Pancreatitis?

Certain foods can make this inflammation even worse so you need to get dog food that will be easy on your dog’s stomach.

Fatty foods cause the most distress to an inflamed pancreas. Find a brand that has lower than average fat.

For reference, here is a general idea of what “average” fat content means for various kinds of dog food:

  • Dry food usually has an average about 16% fat. So low fat would be 12% or below.
  • Wet food usually has an average of about 23% fat. So low fat would be 15% or below.
  • Raw food usually has an average of about 27% fat. So low fat would be 17% or below.

Generally, you want to try and find a brand that is still high in protein even though it has low fat. If your dog has a very severe case, go for the low-fat dog food brands for pancreatitis, even if that means sacrificing protein.

Also, make sure you consult with your veterinarian. They will recommend the best diet for your dog’s health.

Editor’s Choice – Recommended Dog Food For Pancreatitis

Here are the 4 brands that we think offer the best products. They are usually marketed to old or overweight dogs:

1. Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken Recipe

This is a canned dog food with an amazingly low-fat content. There’s just 1.4% fat in this brand so it will be really easy on an inflamed pancreas. Of course, it’s impossible to achieve that low of a fat content without sacrificing the other ingredients. It’s only got 10% protein.

Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken Recipe Dog Food

It’s also not giving you the best bang for your buck since, as a wet food, it’s about 85% water. With that said, the high water content and extremely low fat can actually be an advantage if your dog has an extremely bad case of pancreatitis.

Basically, we don’t recommend this as your dog’s normal, long term diet but it’s a great short term option for helping your dog get through a bad case of pancreatitis.


2. The Honest Kitchen Zeal

The recipe for this dog food is great because it is extremely low in fat but still surprisingly high in protein. Specifically, it’s got just 8.5% fat (extremely low) but a whopping 35% protein (which is actually above average for normal dog foods).

The Honest Kitchen Zeal Dog Food

So with this brand you are getting the best of both worlds. They do this by using fish as the main protein. It’s also packed with fruits and veggies which balances out the recipe and makes it great for long term use.

It is admittedly a little more expensive than other brands of commercial dog food for pancreatitis and there is some preparation required because it is actually freeze dried and needs to be mixed. But one package makes about 40 lbs. of food so we feel you get your money’s worth, especially when you consider the high quality.


3. Fromm Grain Free Game Bird Formula

This one is the fattiest option our list but at 17% it is still lower than most normal dog food. But with the higher fat content, you also get more protein and fiber so it can be a good trade off if your dog only has a mild case of pancreatitis.

Fromm Grain Free Game Bird Formula Dog Food

We love that there are so many different fruits and veggies in the ingredients list. If you’ve got a dog with chronic pancreatitis, this is the brand we would recommend as its normal grain-free dog food.

During an attack when the pancreas is severely inflamed, though, you probably want to switch temporarily to Weruva or one of the other brands here that offer a much lower fat content.


4. Premium Edge Healthy Weight II

At just 8%, premium edge offers an extremely low fat dry dog food. The protein is sacrificed a bit but at 25% it is still higher than most other low fat brands tend to be. So you still get a nice balance with this food.

Premium Edge Healthy Weight II Dog Food

It is also very high in fiber because it has so many fruits and veggies. This will really help with digestion which will be important when your dog’s pancreas is working at full capacity.

It’s also more affordable than the other brands on this list. The one thing that we don’t really like is that the ingredients include white rice and potatoes which are not the best sources of carbs and might be tough on your dog’s tummy.