Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach: 3 Safe Options (Selected in 2019)

Some dogs have sensitive tummies or food allergies that mean certain foods are especially tough on them. A sensitive stomach can be a source of major discomfort and stress for your pup so it’s important to look for the signs and make changes until you find a diet that makes your dog happy.

Getting the best dog food for sensitive stomach can make your dog happier, healthier, and less smelly! Before making a change, check your dog for the following symptoms of sensitive stomach:

  • Frequent diarrhea or loose stool
  • Frequent (and unbearably smelly) gas
  • Visible discomfort shortly after eating
  • Vomiting

If your dog has all or some of these symptoms, his dog food may be the culprit.

Quick Comparison: Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food 

Dog FoodQualityOur Rating
Blue Buffalo BasicsA
Wellness SimpleA-
AvoDerm Natural FormulaA-

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

Tips for Changing Your Dog’s Diet

If you notice your dog has a sensitive stomach, there are a few precautions you need to make in order to make sure that you help him the best that you can. Here are a few tips for helping your dog with sensitive stomach feel healthier and happier:

Changing Your Dog’s Diet

  1. Look for the Cause – The main ingredients that your dog is most likely reacting to are gluten (found in grains), soy, and corn. These are common filler ingredients that dog food manufacturers to increase the calorie count without having to actually put in more quality ingredients. Check the label on your dog food. If starchy carbs like corn, soy, or white potatoes are the top ingredients, you probably need to make a change. You also want to avoid preservatives, additives (like food coloring or flavor enhancers) which may also be wreaking havoc on your dog’s sensitive stomach.
  1. Simplify the Diet – All the brands we recommend in this article have relatively short and simple ingredient lists. They don’t use fillers and they opt for quality ingredients that are good for your dog’s stomach. Of course, these aren’t the only brands that do that. So if you end up choosing a different dog food, just make sure you check the label and get one that has minimal ingredients (and that the ingredients you do see are recognizable). Beyond the dog food, you also need to simplify your dog’s diet in other ways. Don’t feed him your table scraps and skip the dog treats. Instead of using treats, you can just reward him with his regular organic dog food.
  1. Make a Gradual Transition – If your dog has a sensitive stomach, a sudden change in food is going to cause chaos in his digestive system. This could give you a false negative. Even if the new food really would help in the long run, it’s going to seem like it’s a bad choice because your dog is reacting to the sudden change. So instead of suddenly switching out the food you feed your dog, make a gradual transition. Make a mix that is about half new food and half old food. Gradually increase the amount of new food as you decrease the amount of old food over the course of a couple weeks. You also need to give your dog about 6 to 12 weeks on this new diet in order to see what effects it is having.
  1. Keep a Food Journal – You might not find the best option on the first try. If after 6 to 12 weeks, you don’t see an improvement in your dog, you will want to try a different brand. But in order to make this process faster, you should keep a food journal. Take note of which brand you tried and which ingredients it had. This can help you to figure out which ingredient your dog is reacting to.

Editor’s Choice – Best Food For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

With those tips in mind, here are 3 of the brands that we think are the best.

1. Blue Buffalo Basics

Blue Buffalo Basics uses extremely high quality ingredients which is important for a dog with a sensitive stomach. What is even more important for your dog’s sensitive stomach is the fact that they have an extremely simplified ingredient list.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited–Ingredient Dog Food

The minimal number of ingredients will make it easier to narrow down what specifically is causing your dog so much discomfort. Plus, this canned dog food is packed with fiber and antioxidants which will help digestion in any case.

Of course, for this kind of quality, you inevitably have to pay more so if you are on a tight budget, this may not be your best option.


2. Wellness Simple

This brand also keeps the ingredients simple. More importantly, it takes special care to keep out certain ingredients that are most likely to cause allergies —especially grains and soy. It doesn’t use unhealthy fillers like corn or dairy either which can also be hard on a dog’s stomach.

Wellness Dry Dog Food

It comes in a wide variety of flavors which mainly means you can choose which kind of protein you think your dog will prefer. The main downside is that it uses canola oil which is not the healthiest source of fat. We would prefer to see flaxseed or fish as the fat source.


3. AvoDerm Natural Formula

This brand also takes care to use higher quality ingredients but you won’t have to pay the same premium as you do for Blue Buffalo Basics. What we like most about this dry dog food is that the main ingredient is protein and the carbs they use are complex.

AvoDerm Natural Formula Dog Food

Plus, the fat source is from flaxseed and herring meal so you are giving your dog plenty of healthy omega 3s. Overall, this is a highly nutritious recipe that avoids bad fillers like corn and wheat.

The downside is that it contains some ingredients that can be allergens for some dogs. Namely, it has alfalfa, avocado, and tomato pomace. So if you notice your dog is still not improving on this, it may be because of those.