Best Dog Food For Shih Tzu: Make The Right Choice (2018 Reviews)

Shih Tzu are known for their friendly nature, which makes them great for people looking for dog breed that can provide them with companionship. Their loving nature makes them truly wonderful to own, and the fact that they are going to love you completely would make you want to take care of them even more as you would want to ensure that your dog enjoys a long and healthy life without any kind of health ailments or problems – that’s why you need to choose only the best dog food for Shih Tzu.

It might seem like a daunting task to ensure that your Shih Tzu gets a properly balanced diet, but this guide is going to make sure you have all of the information you would need in order to give your dog all of the nutrients it needs for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Provided below are a number of nutritional guidelines you can follow as well as a list of the various health issues that Shih Tzu tend to face. You will also find a selection of some of the best dog food brands you would be able to get that would be delicious and nutritious and would help your dog stay healthy.

Quick Comparison: Best Shih Tzu Dog Food in 2018

Dog FoodQualityOur Rating
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Dry Adult DogA
Royal Canin Shih Tzu Dry Dog FoodA+
Wellness Core Grain-Free Small Breed Natural Dog FoodA
EUKANUBA Lifestage Formulas Senior Dry Dog FoodA-
Canidae All Life Stages Formula for DogsA-

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

Shih Tzu Dog

Feeding Guidelines For Shih Tzu

The various nutritional guidelines you are going to have to follow will be affected by the age and activity level of your dog. However, there are certain things that remain the same. For example, a diet heavy in animal protein is essential to the development of any dog. Animal protein provides essential amino acids that help your dog maintain its overall health, and they are a lot better than plant proteins which tend to be a lot less nutritious for your dog and can result in lethargy and joint pain.

Apart from protein, your Shih Tzu is going to require a diet that is high in fat. This is because Shih Tzu have very thick coats, and these coats would need fat and oils in order to stay glossy and shiny.

As far as calories go, if your Shih Tzu leads a mostly sedentary lifestyle, you can give it around 450 calories worth of food every day and it should have all that it needs in order to keep active and maintain all of its bodily functions. This is because Shih Tzu are small dogs that don’t need all that high of a caloric intake in order to keep themselves fully energized.

However, if you have a more active Shih Tzu, whether it’s because you tend to give it more exercise by taking it for more regular walks or it just has a more active personality, you are going to need to feed it some extra calories in order to keep its energy up. In general, a Shih Tzu would need approximately 750 calories per day if it leads a more active lifestyle. It is highly unlike that your Shih Tzu would need more than 750 calories per day because no matter how large or active it gets, there is a limit to how much your dog would be able to eat. Exceeding this calorie count could result in your dog gaining weight that would give it a great deal of health problems later on in life and shorten its life expectancy greatly.

There are certain situations, however, where your Shih Tzu might require a higher or lower caloric intake than the ones mentioned above. Puppies have growing bodies and need all of the energy they can get in order to support their constantly changing bodies. Hence, you may find yourself feeding these tiny pups a lot more than 450 calories per day as they would just be too hungry to stay satisfied for very long after the standard amount. In addition to puppies, pregnant or nursing Shih Tzu would also require a much higher caloric intake than normal, often requiring over 800 calories a day as they need all of that extra nutrition for their babies.

Older Shih Tzu would need a slightly lower caloric intake than 450 per day, as they would not have all that much activity going on. Hence, a caloric intake of about 400 or at minimum 350 would be enough to keep them healthy while preventing any kind of unnecessary weight gain that could potentially lead to health concerns later on in life.

Finding the right caloric intake for your dog might be a little difficult, but with some planning and some advice from your vet, you will be able to give your dog the perfect diet without too much concern.

shih tzu resting after eating the best dog food for shih tzu

Common Shih Tzu Health Problems

If there is one problem that Shih Tzu tend to suffer from as far as health is concerned, it is with their weight. Shih Tzu are very small dogs, so they don’t need all that much food to be healthy. However, because they are such lovable companions, one might end up giving them a lot of treats in order to reward them or just to spoil them for being so lovely. It is these treats that would cause weight gain, as Shih Tzu would never say no to something yummy.

They would always be looking for a way to get a tasty snack and will act loving and cute on purpose so that you would give them as many treats as possible. Hence, it is important to keep your dog’s diet as balanced as possible. It may seem satisfying to watch your dog eat a tasty treat and get happy, but in the long run, this can cause some serious health problems that could really shorten your pet’s overall life expectancy.

Another health issue your dog might face can be heat stroke or other heat-related ailments. Shih Tzu have thick coats that can provide a great deal of insulation. This makes them very comfortable in cold weather, but as soon as things start to get hot, your Shih Tzu would end up getting very distressed indeed. Shih Tzu are not meant to handle hot weather, so if you live in a place where summers can get really warm, you are going to have to put some real effort into keeping these problems at bay.

The best way to ensure that your Shih Tzu does not get troubled by the heat is to give its coat a trim as soon as the summer months start to approach. This will keep it nice and cool when the heat is on, thus preventing skin problems and heat stroke that might occur if your dog suffers because of the oppressive heat.

Shih Tzu are also quite prone to eye diseases. This is because they have short snouts, so when they go exploring and start to sniff around, their eyes end up quite close to the ground. This can end up causing a lot of problems as germs would easily be able to get into their eyes and cause infections. Hip dysplasia is also a common occurrence among Shih Tzu.

Pretty much all of these health issues can be solved by ensuring that your pet gets a balanced diet that is full of animal proteins as well as vegetables and fruits. This will make it certain that your pet gets its required daily dose of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants that would ensure that its immune system stays as strong as it possibly can.

Editor’s Choice – Best Dog Food For Maltese Shih Tzu

Finding the top dog food can be a really difficult task. You need to make sure that the dog food you end up giving your pet has all of the essential nutrients it needs, has an adequate amount of natural animal protein, has additional trace nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and, most of all, tastes good so that your beloved pet actually has a good time when it eats. This might sound like a daunting task, which is why listed below are fiveof the best dog foods money can buy, all of which would be a great option to help keep your dog as healthy as possible.

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Dry Adult Dog Food Small Breed

The fact that this brand of dog food has been specifically created for smaller breeds makes it a perfect choice for anyone trying to keep their Shih Tzu healthy. This dog food contains a great mixture of protein and fat, both of which are essential to the health of a Shih Tzu.

Blue Buffalo Dry Adult Dog Food


2. Royal Canin Shih Tzu Dry Dog Food

This dog food has been created specifically for Shih Tzu and is made of chicken fat and rice. This gives it a great blend of protein, fat, and carbs, and the fish oil included is really going to improve the quality of your dog’s coat of fur. The fiber from the rice is also going to ensure that your dog has a healthy digestive system and will prevent any intestinal diseases from occurring, thus helping to keep your dog strong in the long term.

Royal Canin Shih Tzu Dog Food


3. Wellness Core Grain-Free Small Breed Turkey and Chicken Natural Dog Food

This dog food contains fish oil which is great for your dog’s fur. Plus, the turkey and chicken blend tastes great, so your dog is going to have no trouble eating it on a regular basis. The higher-than-normal protein content is also going to give your dog a much-needed boost in health, and the fact that the fatty contents of this food contain large amounts of glucosamine is also going to be a huge help as it would keep your dog’s joints strong. Thus, while Shih Tzu are very energetic and often get joint injuries, this dog food will help prevent such things from happening.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food


4. EUKANUBA Lifestage Formulas Senior Dry Dog Food

When your dog starts to get on in years, switching to a senior dog food would be a good idea. This brand offers a low-calorie solution that would be of great help with older Shih Tzu that are even more prone to being overweight than younger dogs. In addition to this, the unique mix of nutrients in this dog food would help prevent your pet from getting plaque or tartar. Healthy teeth are an important asset for any dog, and this dog food would help your pet’s teeth remain as healthy as they possibly can.



5. Canidae All Life Stages Formula for Dogs

With this dog food, you are going to get four different types of meat. These meats are beef, chicken, turkey and fish. All of these meats come together to create a very delicious meal for your pet, and the fish is important because it provides fish oil which is the best kind of fat to keep your dog’s fur nice and shiny.

CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Dog Food for Puppies, Adults & Seniors


Final Recommendation

Canidae All Life Stages Formula for Dogs is an absolutely brilliant brand of dog food. The mixture of meats your dog will get will be not only delicious but also highly nutritious. It will give your dog all that it would need to stay healthy and live a long life free of any diseases. The lean meat used here will help your dog avoid getting overweight which, as you already know, Shih Tzu tend to do.


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