Best Dog Jackets: 4 Stylish And Comfortable Options For 2019

Pet jackets can be an adorable way to dress up your dog and make it just that much more adorable. There are so many different styles and options out there so you can turn your dog into a full-fledged fashionista.

But not all dog jackets are the same when it comes to quality and price. If you need one that is actually functional, you’ll have to do your research before you buy. This article is a great place to start. We’ll give you some tips for choosing dog jackets and then show you are top 4 picks for best dog jackets (consider also buying a pair of cool dog socks or stylish dog boots).

Quick Comparison: Top Quality Dog Jackets

Dog JacketQualityOur Rating
Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog VestB+
Animate Fleece Lined Waterproof Dog CoatA-
Redhound Waterproof Dog CoatA
Hurtta Outdoors Frost JacketB

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

The Benefits of Dog Jackets

Opinions vary on the topic of putting clothes on your dog. Some see it as ridiculous and unnecessary while others notice their dog shivering violently and want to help keep them warm.

In our opinion, whether you are getting a dog jacket for practical reasons or just for adorable style, it’s not harmful in any way so don’t listen to the critics and just go for it!

Now, if you live in a cold climate, a dog jacket can be a necessity. Dogs do have their own natural coats but they are not all the same. If you look at fur on animals in the wild, you’ll notice that arctic wolves have much thicker, denser coats of fur than, say, coyotes in the dessert.

Different dog breeds are no different. Some are better suited to cold climates than others. So if you have a dog with a thinner or shorter coat, a sweater or jacket could be an essential part of keeping it warm through the winter.

Dashing through Snow

If you are reluctant to buy a dog jacket unless it’s really necessary, just pay attention to your dog when it’s outside in cold weather. Is it reluctant to go outdoors? Does it shiver a lot? These are signs that it is not equipped to deal with that level of cold. And that means you should get it a jacket.

With that said, here are some of the benefits of dog jackets:

  • Protecting your dog from the cold. This is the main practical reason for dog jackets: keeping dogs warm. And that’s what they do (if you get a good one).
  • Keep your dog dry. On rainy days, even if it’s not especially cold, a jacket can keep the rain off your dog’s fur and save you from that unpleasant wet dog smell getting tracked into your house.
  • Increase visibility. Just like runners or cyclists who wear reflective clothing for night runs or night rides, you can get a reflective jacket for your dog if you take it with you on night walks or runs.

Dog Visibility Jacket on Meadow

  • Increase cuteness. Face it. Dogs in jackets are adorable. They just are. And since they are also comfortable and safe, there’s really no reason not to go for it.

While there are no real downsides to dog jackets (unless you spend a lot of money on a low quality one), it is worth mentioning one point of caution:

Avoid dog jackets on hot days. If you wouldn’t wear a jacket, your dog definitely shouldn’t. As cute as they are, you don’t want to risk your dog overheating. They don’t have the ability to sweat like we do.

So between the fur they already have and the inability to sweat, a jacket will be that much more uncomfortable and unpleasant to wear on hot days. The cuteness is not worth the risk.

Tips for Picking the Best Product

There are many dog jackets on the market and not all of them are worth the sticker price. Here are some point to consider while you shop:

  • Wool is a good insulating material but, as you know, it can be itchy. If you need it for wet weather, make sure to look for waterproof outer material.
  • Velcro is easier for taking on and off but pullovers are more secure and offer a little more insulation against wind.

Tape from Velcro is Best Material for Dog Jackets

  • Take measurements of your dog’s body. Measure around the barrel of the chest, the neck, and then the length from neck to wear the ribcage ends. You want a snug but not constricting fit so that your dog can’t easily take it off but isn’t stuck in an uncomfortable jacket.
  • Avoid jackets with zippers, buttons, and other attachments that could be chewed off and choked on. You pretty much want to stick with Velcro or a solid, pullover.

Basically, the important thing is to know your dog’s size, look for the right material to keep them warm, dry, and comfortable, and make sure there is nothing they can chew off.

Editor’s Choice – Best Jackets For Dogs

With all that in mind, here are our top 4 picks:

1. Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest

This is a super stylish and practical dog jacket for small dogs. It’s got tough cotton that’s been coated in wax to be waterproof. And the inner lining is made of soft, fake fur that is very warm but not as itchy as wool. It is held on by Velcro. It does have a metal buckle which could be uncomfortable if the jacket is too tight so it’s important to get the right size and make sure you don’t tighten it too much.




2. Animate Fleece Lined Waterproof Dog Coat

This fleece lined coat is super warm and it uses Velcro so it’s super easy to put on and take off. The outer layer is waterproof as well so you are safe in wet climates. And it comes in 14 sizes so you’re sure to find one that fits your dog. It’s more affordable than the others but for the discount, there does seem to be a decrease in durability which means you’ll have to replace it sooner.

Dog Jacket from Animate


3. Redhound Waterproof Dog Coat

This coat is specifically designed for lean, thin dog breeds like greyhounds and whippets. They have a unique frame and a special need for protection against the cold. This coat meets all those needs. It also looks really stylish. It is waterproof but it isn’t as thickly lined as some other coats so you may need to layer a sweater below it for freezing winter days.


4. Hurtta Outdoors Frost Jacket

This is a well-insulated coat that cuts down on bulk. It’s soft and comfortable. It’s waterproof. And it even has reflective patches for night walks. So it’s a pretty great all-around dog jacket. The only issue is that it uses a zipper. But the zipper is located on the top and it zips upward toward the neck so your dog will be unable to reach it for chewing.


There are a lot of options out there so make sure you do some shopping around before you make your final decision!