Best Elevated Dog Bed: Five Super Comfortable Options Available in 2019

Choosing an elevated dog bed depends on many factors. Is the raised dog bed study and strong enough to hold your large dog? Is it easy to clean? Will it keep your pup cool on hot days?

You will find many products available on the market, so choosing a dog bed off the floor just got a little easier.

Whatever you’re looking for in an elevated dog bed, you’ll find it here. Hopefully, this article will assist you in determining the best elevated dog bed for your pooch.

Quick Comparison: Top Rated Elevated Dog Beds 

Dog BedQualityOur Rating
Tenive Elevated Mesh Pet Bed Pet Dog Cot Sleeping BedA+
Merry Products Wood Pet HomeB+
Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Plush Snuggle BedA-
Kuranda Dog Bed - Chewproof - Walnut PVC - Indoor Bed - Cordura FabricA
Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted FabricA

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

Things to Look For in Raised Dog Beds

If you have a dog, you understand that taking care of it is not as easy as it may sound. You need to make sure it has fresh water every day, fed the best quality food, and has a great place to sleep.

You may have seen your dog sleeping on your furniture or in your bed. This is probably because he is looking for a comfortable place to sleep. However, such a situation can be a nuisance as dogs have a tendency to shed. They need a dog cot of their own.

There are many raised dog beds available but you will need to make sure you choose the correct one. The following information highlights items to consider in raised dog beds.


Even though there are different sizes of dog beds available, you will need to purchase the one suited for your dog’s body. You need to know the size and weight of your dog so that you can make the purchase accordingly. The frame and the legs of the bed must be strong enough to bear your dog’s weight; they should not break under pressure. Steel or wood frame elevated beds tend to be more durable and last longer.


If you are looking for an elevated dog bed, make sure it is stable, especially under the pressure of a big dog. Quality built elevated beds are designed so that they provide a strong, stable place for your dog to lay. The best way to check is by looking at reviews of various dog beds or going to the store to test the product in person. Pug dog lying in bed under blanket


Just like on your furniture, your dog will shed on her dog bed. If you do not clean the bed frequently, it may start to smell and retain moisture which can cause health problems for the pooch. Purchase a bed that is easy to clean or wash. Some beds can simply be wiped with a cloth. Others have a removable cover for easy cleaning.


The comfort of your dog is key for your pooch.  If the dog does not find the bed comfortable enough, chances are they will end up on your furniture or your bed again.


Some beds are designed for indoor use only, however, others can be used both indoor and outdoors. A breathable fabric is important if you are purchasing a dog cot bed to help keep your dog cool on those hot days.

If you’re looking for an indoor elevated pet bed, you may want to look up dog couches or pet sofas. You’ll find many elevated dog beds just called by a different name that provides orthopedic support to relieve pressure and are decorative.


You need to consider where you are going to keep the dog bed. The size of the bed should be determined by the size of your dog, but it will also be necessary to consider whether or not you have room in your home for the product.

Editor’s Choice – Best Raised Dog Beds

Now that you are aware of some features you need to look for in off the ground bed, you also need to know the top elevated pet beds available on the market. From the many products available on the market, we have managed to list the top five products.

1. Tenive Elevated Mesh Pet Bed Pet Dog Cot Sleeping Bed, 30″ x 24″

If you are looking for a simple, comfortable, and heavy-duty dog cot, you may want to check out this option. It is durable and has been given a great rating from customers. It makes a great dog cot bed for medium-sized to large dogs as it can comfortably hold up to 66 pounds of weight.

Tenive Elevated Mesh Pet Bed Pet Dog Cot Sleeping Bed


The bed itself is very comfortable as it is made up of a great mesh fabric. The fabric is breathable, which means that it allows ventilation. The air will be able to circulate in and around the dog bed, ensuring that it does not stay damp and stays fresh at all times.

The dog bed is raised  7 inches above the ground. Being off the ground helps keep the raised dog bed clean and free of moisture and dust and some bugs. It is very easy to clean as all you need are soap and water.


Bottom Line

This is a great dog bed whether you keep it inside or outdoors.  It is durable thanks to its steel frame which ensures that it will last you for a long time.

2. Merry Products Wood Pet Home

This dog bed is built to provide your dog two types of comfort. Firstly, your dog will have a shelter it can use to protect itself from the sun or the weather conditions outside and get a bit of privacy. Secondly, it has a balcony where your dog can rest if it is only looking to relax in the sunlight and get some fresh air.

Merry Products Wood Pet Home


One thing to note about this product is that it is only available for small dogs, as it will not be able to bear the weight of large dogs. According to the space available inside your house, you will have the option of keeping the dog house indoors or outdoors. The bed/house has been made from wood, which is a highly durable material as it will be able to withstand harsh climatic conditions and resist your dog’s chewing efforts. The wood also adds a natural odor inside the house which provides a calming environment for the dog.



To add a little style to your house and dog’s life, you can purchase this product as it is one of the best-designed beds available in the market. With its combination of stairs and latticework balcony sides, your dog will be provided protection and comfort.

3. Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Plush Snuggle Bed

This product is also suitable for only small dogs. The design of the bed is such that it looks like you have provided a small sofa for your dog to sleep on. The bed is highly durable and is ensured to last you for a long time. It can hold at least 10 pounds.

Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Plush Snuggle Bed


This raised dog bed comes with a storage compartment. You can store your dog’s favorite chew toys or treats in the compartment and secure it. The cushion cover of the product is removable, which means that you will be able to clean the bed quickly. The bed is raised above the ground, which ensures that there is no draft around the bed so that it gives comfort and a good sleep. The cushion of the bed is very soft and warm, ensuring your dog’s comfort.



As most small dogs are prone to chewing and this bed is made up of soft plush cushions, the problem would arise when the dogs start biting on the cushion part of the bed. Excessive chewing may lead to a disaster, so you will need to introduce this and train your dog accordingly.

4. Kuranda Dog Bed – Chewproof – Walnut PVC – Indoor Bed – Cordura Fabric

This is one of the simplest beds that you will find and is sure to look good with any interior décor. The dog bed will easily fit in almost any space inside your house.

Kuranda Dog Bed - Chewproof - Walnut PVC - Indoor Bed - Cordura Fabric


This dog bed is ideal for larger dog breeds as the frame is made from PVC. The dog bed can hold up to 125 pounds and is easy to assemble as well. The material used to build the bed is one of the finest as it is highly durable and made to last for a long time. It is also very easy to clean; all you need is some soap and water. The bed has been given an orthopedic design and is elevated, which ensures that your dog has a comfortable position while the air is circulated. The bed is only best for indoor use. It is also built from a robust canvas that will spring back into position once the dog gets off it.



This is a great product to purchase if you are on a budget and are looking for a bed that provides excellent comfort to your dog. It comes with a warranty as well and in a variety of colors that you can choose from.

5. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

This dog bed has a sleek, simple, and comfortable design. You can use this as an outdoor dog bed as it will be able to withstand all conditions. The main feature of this bed is that it is built to be resistant to insects (fleas or mites), mold, and dew.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Knitted Fabric


This raised dog cot allows air circulation underneath, which keeps it fresh at all times. Once the dog has gotten off the bed, it will restore to its former shape. This bed is built with a strong frame that is sure to last you for a long time. The fabric used is breathable and easily cleaned. It is great if you are looking for an orthopedic dog bed.

Assembling this dog bed is simple. Plus, it is lightweight and is suited for almost any sized dog.



This is one of the best dog beds you can find. It will fulfill the purpose of a dog bed and will make sure that your dog gets a perfect place to sleep.


Now that you know what to look for in a dog bed, it will be easier to evaluate different types of dog beds. The best-elevated dog beds have been mentioned, and we hope that you can find one that is best suited for your dog’s needs.

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