Best Indestructible Dog Toys: 5 Picks For Aggressive Chewers (2019 Reviews)

When your puppy starts to chew on toys, it’s usually considered a part of their healthy growing stage. But when they begin to chew on inappropriate things around the house, it starts to become bothersome. Even then, all it takes is a sturdy toy to keep them distracted.

That’s a normal light chewing habit that we are talking about.

If you have an aggressive chewer though, then you are dealing with a different kind of problem altogether. Aggressive chewers will rip most normal dog toys to shreds in no time and then move on to something else that catches their fancy.

Are your new Italian crocodile leather shoes missing? Err…they must be around. Just fanciful thinking.

Aggressive chewing by your pet can be an expensive habit for you. Not only will you have to ensure that you keep things locked around in the house, but you will also be making more frequent trips to the vet. Shoelaces, balls, small toy parts, coins, watches, you will be stunned to know of some of the things dogs can swallow. On most occasions, it is an aggressive chewer that does it.

And then there’s the dog’s safety. If they end up swallowing something small that can get lodged in their throat and obstruct their airways, the situation can possible become fatal. That’s why best indestructible dog toys are such invaluable additions to a dog’s life.

As the name suggests, these toys don’t break. Your dog can keep chewing all day and all night until he satiates his chew appetite.

Quick Comparison: Best Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers 

Dog ToyQualityOur Rating
Goughnuts - Indestructible Chew Toy MAXXA-
West Paw Design Zogoflex HurleyA
KONG Cozie Dog Squeaky ToyB
KONG Extreme Dog ToyA
Dog Squeaker Toys for Aggressive ChewersB+

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

The Perks Of Unbreakable Dog Toys

An indestructible dog toy is an inexpensive and safe way to keep your dog occupied and active without damaging things around the house. These are made of extremely durable rubber which does not break or tear even after incessant chewing for days. Along with helping divert the problematic behavior of aggressive chewing dogs while you can retrain them, it brings all the benefits of a chew toy.

  • Your dog will have healthier teeth that are free of plaque
  • There won’t be problems like yellowing of teeth or halitosis
  • Your dog will stop chewing on footwear and other things that can be dangerous

If this is the first time you are out shopping for indestructible toys, then there are a few things that you need to be aware of. These are the things that will determine what kind of toy would best suit your dog.

Buying Dog Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers

There are different kind of chewers. While some pets like to constantly gnaw on things, there are others who like the good old tug of war. Everything from your t-shirt to your sock can be a possible tug of war toy for them.

Type of toy: From indestructible balls that can be used to play fetch without worrying that you dog will bring it back in tattered pieces, to animal soft toys that are perfect to be used for tug of war games, there are a variety of toys that you can choose from. It’s up to you to decide what will keep your dog more entertained. And if you just need something that the dog can chew on, there are a few toys that are designed for just that.

Type of chewing: If your dog is a gentle chewer who licks or sucks on the toy more than actually chewing it, then soft toys are the ideal choice for you. These are not too hard on the teeth or gums. On the other hand if your dog is a more aggressive chewer, then you are better off with rubber toys which are harder and impossible to break.

Size: Most indestructible dog toys are sized perfectly to ensure that your dog does not swallow it. But many a time, dog parents make the mistake of buying one size too small for their dog. The risk of swallowing objects still exists. So ensure that you double check the size before you buy any dog toy. Also, some dogs take it upon themselves to find the source of the irritating squeaking noise that their toy emanates. You may want to consider removing the squeaker in your dog toy.

Having worked with hundreds of dogs who had an aggressive chewing habit, we have seen more than our share of indestructible dog toys to know what works and what does not. To make the job easier for you, we have collected a list of the best ones in the market.

Editor’s Choice – Best Heavy Duty Dog Toys

If you are looking for an indestructible dog toy for your pet, then here are some recommendations.

1. Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

Goughnuts is a name that you will frequently hear when you are out shopping for indestructible dog toys. This is one of their flagship offerings and the strongest and most durable indestructible dog toy in the market.

Goughnuts - Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

Appearance wise, it is nothing fancy. The Goughnut Maxx is just an oblong rubber stick that is designed specially to give your dog an indestructible chew surface. This is a patent-pending design that is a bestseller from the company, who also manufacture ring shaped toys of the same material.

The Goughnut Maxx is their largest sized chew toy that is perfect for large dog breeds and is regularly used by police K9 units.

The toys are two layered and have an indication color layer that shows you when it’s time to replace the toy. And all that you need to do is send it back to the company who replace it for free with a new Goughnut Maxx.

With a lifetime warranty and an indestructible surface, you get a dog toy that will last forever.

Best features:

  • Oblong stick design that is easier to grip
  • Indestructible rubber that is not hard on the teeth or gums
  • Patent pending design
  • The Bestselling indestructible toy in the market
  • Lifetime guarantee

Verdict: If you have a problem with aggressive chewing, go and get the Goughnut Maxx. You won’t find a better indestructible dog toy in the market.

2. West Paw Design Zogoflex Hurley

If your dog demands nothing but bones to chew on, then the Zogoflex Hurley from West Paw Design is just what the doctor ordered. This is a bone shaped chew toy that will keep your dog’s chewing instinct satiated.

West Paw Design Zogoflex Hurley

Available in four different bright colors, the Zogoflex Hurley will grab the attention of your dog no matter where they are.

It has a very soft but incredibly durable surface that dogs love to dig their teeth into. Malleable and pliable, the bone offers a very realistic bone-chewing feel without risking any damage to the dog’s teeth or gums.

The Zogoflex Hurley is specially designed for those long chewing sessions where your dog refuses to let go of the chew toy.

And if they like to carry their chew toy with them around the house, you do not have to worry about it getting contaminated. It is dishwasher safe and you can clean and dry it in no time.

The Zogoflex Hurgely is made from a non-toxic BPA-and-Phthalate-free material which is extremely safe for your pet. Oh, forgot to mention that it floats on water.

Best Features:

  • Authentic bone styled design
  • Available in different attractive colors
  • Soft but durable rubber material
  • Designed for long chew sessions
  • Made from non-toxic BPA-and-Phthalate-free material
  • 100% guarantee against dog damage

Verdict: Gift your dog an unbreakable and everlasting bone this season with the Zogoflex Hurley. It will keep them occupied and active for days.

3. KONG Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy

Kong is another well-known brand that manufactures great quality indestructible dog toys. They have toys made of hard rubber that are ideal for chewing sessions. But this is their #1 selling squeaky toy that is a favorite with dogs all around the world.

KONG Kong Cozie Squeaky Dog Toys

Available in ten different animal character designs from Marvin the Moose to Elmer the elephant, your dog will love their new play companion and may even carry it every day to bed.

This is a plush soft toy with a squeaker in the center. Despite being a soft toy, it is extremely durable and does hold up very well to chewing sessions too. It is not recommended as a chewing toy though.

The Kong Cozie is the perfect toy for dogs who like to lick, toss around and carry their toys. It has minimal filling which makes it plush and easy to bite on. At the same time, the Cozie is layered with an extra tough layer which keeps it durable.

If you are looking for something that is perfect for chewers from Kong, then check out our next entry in this list.

Best Features:

  • Plush soft toy that is ideal for gentle chewers
  • Bright colors and attractive design that dogs love
  • Squeaker to entice playtime
  • Can choose from 10 different animal character designs
  • Perfect for dogs who like to carry their toys around

Verdict: If you are looking for a durable soft toy that will last for a while unlike other flimsy ones which can be ripped to shreds in no time, then go for the Kong Cozie.

4. KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Black

The Kong Extreme Dog Toy is the most famous indestructible dog toy from Kong. Available in 9 different sizes and used around the world by police, military K9 squads, veterinarians and trainers, the Kong Extreme is a name that doesn’t even warrant a second thought.

KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Black

It retains Kong’s classic and popular design that was initially available in red. This one is all-black and can be filled with special treats for your dog. Kong recommends that you fill the base of the Toy with peanut butter, but you can also try other treats.

With the unpredictable bounce, your pet will enjoy hours of playtime with the Kong and then just about when they are about to give up or they try harder, they figure out how to get the peanut butter or special treat out of the Kong. That keeps them motivated to play.

The Kong is made of the most durable rubber that will hold on for years even with everyday use. You may however, want to ensure that you get the size right while ordering a Kong. For any large sized dog, go for the XX-Large size which will fit perfectly in their jaw.

Best Features:

  • Extremely popular and proven design
  • High quality durable rubber
  • Highly resistant to chewing and other wear and tear
  • Can store motivational treats
  • Unpredictable bounce for playing fetch
  • Made in the USA

Verdict: Cannot recommend this enough. If you still haven’t tried a Kong, then you have no idea what an indestructible dog toy is. Go get this one now.

5. Dog Squeaker Toys for Aggressive Chewers

An indestructible soft toy for aggressive chewers is not something that one finds every day. That’s precisely why this Squeaker toy from Qingshang is on the #5 position in our list.

Durable Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

You can take your pick from 12 different colorful animals and a couple of cute looking monsters too. Made from non-toxic environmental rubber with a soft corduroy finish, the toy has the perfect grain that fits your dog’s teeth snugly. Despite the soft exterior, it is very durable and will keep the dog occupied for hours.

The toy features a squeaker inside which makes it an interactive dog toy and motivates the dog to continue playing. Also, it is fortified with a vanilla extract which slowly releases a natural fragrance that prevents halitosis.

The stomach of the animal has a ball like feature which allows you to use this for fetch games. It has a nice bounce and your dog will love to bring this back with ease.

The 8 x 6 size is just perfect for small and medium sized dogs but may be a tad small for large dogs.

 Best Features:

  • Colorful cartoon animal designs
  • Made from non-toxic environmental rubber
  • Has a soft corduroy finish
  • Perfect grain that fits your dog’s teeth
  • Squeaker inside for enticing play time
  • Ball like feature in the stomach

Verdict: This squeaker indestructible dog toy from Qingshang is a refreshing change from the norm. It combines a soft toy with an indestructible one for aggressive chewers. Very affordable price tag too.

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