Best Martingale Dog Collar: Five Recommendations by Dog Expert For 2019

One of the challenges faced by pet parents is walking a dog that is a leash puller or even worse, an escape artist. Dogs are smart and if your pooch fancies slipping out of their standard collar, then it’s only a matter of time before they do this all the time which is a safety concern.

And if you make the rookie mistake of pulling harder, you risk choking your dog and straining your pup’s neck.

That’s why martingale dog collars have become increasingly popular.

Yello Labrador Retriever sitting with martingale collar

If you are reading this, then chances are that you are intrigued by the martingale collar and you are looking to get one for your dog who’s spending more time off the leash than on it during their walks.

Either way, this guide helps you understand how the martingale collar works and the things you need to consider before choosing the best martingale dog collar for your dog.

Quick Comparison: Best Martingale Collar

Dog CollarQualityOur Rating
If It Barks 1.5" Designer Striped Martingale Dog CollarA
The Ultimate Leash Martingale Collar, Leather SeriesA+
RC Pet Products 1 1/2" All Webbing Martingale Dog CollarB+
EzyDog Checkmate Martingale-Style Dog CollarA
PetSafe Petite Martingale Collar with Quick Snap BuckleA-

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

What is a Martingale Collar?

There are many misconceptions about a martingale collar that needs to be clarified.

A martingale dog collar is designed with two loops that tighten to give greater control and reduces the risk of a dog backing out of his collar and escaping.

This collar has a normal flat strap that goes around the neck of your dog. There’s a loop with a ring at the end of those straps. You attach your leather dog leash to the ring.

When you tug even lightly on the leash, it tightens this loop making it impossible for your pooch to slip out.

Martingale collars are also used for training greyhounds because their necks are approximately the same size as their skulls making it easy for them to slip out of normal collars.

Can a Martingale Collar Hurt My Dog?

There is a myth that a martingale collar can choke your pet. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Martingale dog collars are recommended by veterinarians as one of the safest and most efficient ways to train your dog. This collar is designed so your pet does not slip out of the collar, yet providing gentle but effective feedback to correct unwanted behavior. It is safer than a choke collar.

Cute chihuahua with small collar

Types of Martingale Collars

But like any pet-related purchase, there are a few factors that you need to consider before buying a martingale collar. Here are a few types of martingale dog collars that you can choose from depending on the size and breed of your pet.

Martingale Collar

A classic martingale collar has a loop design made of nylon, leather or any other material that is usually used in making dog collars. While some have the loop and the D-ring made of the same material, others have a metal chain for the loop which according to some, adds to the durability of the collar. Plus, it is audible so it makes training a bit easier.

Having reviewed and used martingale collars for a while, we can attest to the fact that we have found no difference between the two.

PetSafe Martingale Collar 1" Medium, Red

Buckle Martingale

The buckle martingale has a quick release buckle that allows you to put it on or remove it in a jiffy. A buckle martingale is ideal for dogs with largely sized skulls.

If It Barks 1.5" Reflective Martingale Collar with Quick Snap Buckle for Dogs, Adjustable, Made in USA, Medium, Black

Sighthound Martingale Collar

Sighthound collars are another name for martingale collar. Sighthounds such as Greyhounds, Whippets, and Borzoi usually wear this type of collar due to their anatomical structure. They have very sleek and elongated skulls along with thin fur. These martingale collars have a wider profile and are typically softer to the touch.

Regal Hound Designs 2" wide Martingale Dog Collar, Lined, 2 Sizes: Medium, Large/XL, Blue Peacock Design (Large/XL 17 - 26")

Editor’s Choice – Best Martingale Collars For Dogs

Here’s our pick of some of the best products in the market. These have a proven track record and are trusted by pet parents. They are durable, stylish and easy to use. To ensure that we cater to our wide reader base, we have picked a variety of styles.

1. If It Barks 1.5″ Designer Striped Martingale Dog Collar

‘If it Barks’ is one of the most renowned names in the business when it comes to dog collars. This designer striped martingale collar is one of their bestsellers. It is a 1.5-inch wide collar that is made of durable nylon with a very thin profile webbing. This makes it a lot more comfortable and stretchable as compared to the thick profile webbed collars that one normally sees.

If It Barks 1.5 Designer Striped Martingale Dog Collar

Handmade in the USA, the collar is extremely durable and looks very stylish on your pet.

The attractive stripes on the collar which is due to the polyester grosgrain ribbon are easy to clean and maintain. It does not fade or dull even after months of use.

The collar includes durable metal hardware that does not rust even after years of regular use.

One of the best features of collars from ‘If it Barks’ is that they are backed by an ironclad warranty that replaces your martingale collar if the hardware fails or the stitching gives away.


Verdict: With more than 95% positive customer ratings, the option to choose from  7 attractive colors and three sizes, the designer striped martingale dog collar from ‘If it Barks’ is a great value for a quality collar.

2. The Ultimate Leash Leather Martingale Dog Collar

Nothing can beat the style and the durability of a quality leather dog collar. The Ultimate Leash martingale provides durability and reliability of leather with the useful martingale design that provides a ‘choke-free’ collar for your pet.

The Ultimate Leash Martingale Collar, Leather Series

Crafted from handmade Amish Leather, this collar features a chain attached to the leather. It creates the classic ‘chain sound’ which is considered by many dogs as an audible signal to stop pulling.

The collar is designed with a 1” wide leather band. So it will definitely hold up to the everyday wear and tear. It is extremely comfortable to the touch and very pliable too.

A heavy duty nickel plated buckle allows you to easily put the collar on and off and does not bend or break even with 100 lbs. plus sized dogs.


Verdict: 95% positive customer ratings, durable leather construction and a very affordable price. If a leather martingale collar is what you need, this is the best one in the market.

3. RC Pet Products 1 1/2″ All Webbing Martingale Dog Collar

RC Pet Products are a Canadian company that manufactures some great quality dog collars with a very distinct and attractive design. This is a 1 ½ “martingale collar from their range of dog training collars that features a soft webbing and retains the company’s signature design.

RC Pet Products 1 1:2 All Webbing Martingale Dog Collar

For starters, this is a lot softer than most other martingale collars that we have reviewed. This makes it a perfect choice if your pet has sensitive skin that gets irritated due to the friction caused by larger dog collars. The soft nylon material on both the sides of the collar ensures that it does not constantly rub against the skin making it itchy for the pet.

The collar is available in three sizes that range from 9 inches to 27 inches. If you like to take your pets out for a late evening or a late night walk, then the reflective label on the collar ensures that visibility is maintained.

Buying dog collars from RC Pet Products give you the added assurance that any damage to the collar will either be repaired or replaced.


Verdict: This is one of the most stylish martingale collars that you can buy. It has a very distinctive color pattern with a soft webbed design. Great choice for pets that like to flaunt their style.

4. EzyDog Checkmate Martingale-Style Dog Collar

The Checkmate Martingale-Style Dog Collar from EzyDog is a good quality adjustable dog collar that features the martingale loop along with a quick release buckle that makes it easy to place on and off your dog’s neck.

EzyDog Checkmate Martingale-Style Dog Collar

A very low profile design, the collar rests in a perfect position on the dog’s neck to allow correctional tugs. It prevents choking and works well for correctional dog training or therapy.

You can choose from 7 attractive and bright colors which allow easy visibility.  In the dark, the reflective stitching gives you uninterrupted visibility.

The unique design tightens slightly with each tug but leaves enough room to allow the dog to breathe comfortably. Also, you just need to adjust it once before putting it on.

The collar also includes a dog tag on the other side which sits a tad higher than conventional dog tags on other collars.


Verdict: This is the first collar on this list with a quick-release buckle which can prove to be an invaluable feature.  This durable and soft nylon martingale collar with an attractive price tag make this a very good choice for a martingale collar.

5. PetSafe Petite Martingale Collar with Quick Snap Buckle

Last but not the least, we have this Petite Martingale collar with a quick snap buckle from PetSafe. This is an extremely good quality martingale collar that has more than 85% positive customer reviews.

PetSafe Petite Martingale Collar with Quick Snap Buckle

It is available in an array of sizes that range from 5 inches to 20 inches and the collars also vary in their width. There are six color choices and all of them are equally attractive and stylish.

The collar is made from soft nylon and holds up pretty well to scratching as well as everyday wear and tear. The martingale loop is positioned perfectly and the quick release buckle lets you remove the collar in a snap, when necessary.

Irrespective of whether you want a correctional training collar or a martingale collar for daily use, this collar from PetSafe fits the bill perfectly.


Verdict: This is an affordable martingale collar. It is durable, has a very practical design and has great customer ratings!

Image credit: Yellow Lab Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash