Best Natural Dog Food: 5 Wholesome And Yummy Options (2019 Ranking)

Providing your dog with high-quality natural dog food is vital for your pup’s well being.

What your dog eats has a direct effect on its long-term health. Therefore, a lot of thought needs to go into the decision of choosing the best dog food. Your dog deserves food which is both nutritious and great tasting.

This article will touch upon the benefits of holistic, natural dog food and provide reviews of some of the best dog food brands available.

Quick Comparison: Best All Natural Dog Food

Dog FoodQualityOur Rating
Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog FoodA
Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Dog FoodA+
Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog FoodA
Purina Beyond Simply 9 NaturalA+
Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Dry Dog FoodA

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

An example of the best natural dog food

Benefits of Holistic Dog Food

To ensure a healthier life for your dog, you should pick products which have natural ingredients and lack components like artificial coloring. There are various benefits of feeding your dog natural dog food.

Refief from allergies and skin diseases

Many dogs are allergic to flavor enhancers, artificial coloring, chemical additives, etc. Eating food with such elements can cause either reactions or immense discomfort. Natural dog food not only allows you to avoid the onset of such reactions but also reduces the probability of your dog contracting skin diseases. This benefit is guaranteed by a stronger immune system, which results from eating natural elements like fatty omega acids.

Fewer health issues

Some dogs find that natural dog food is more easily digestible and, therefore, leads to fewer stomach problems. Furthermore, it helps your dog maintain an ideal weight since smaller helpings of such dog food are enough to satisfy the hunger of your pet.

Longer lifespan

By successfully avoiding the onset of skin diseases and health issues, natural dog food plays a role in ensuring a longer and better life for your dog. A healthy, natural diet can increase the lifespan of your pet and also the well being of your best furry friend.

Editor’s Choice – Best Natural Food For Dogs

To make your life easier, let us provide you with our top five natural dog food choices.

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

This dog food is an ideal choice if your dog suffers from digestion problems. The simple organic ingredients not only pave the way for a stronger digestive system but also helps build a stronger immune system. Due to such benefits, we believe that this dog food is one of the best natural dry dog foods available.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food


If you value convenience and easy storage, you will be satisfied with the size of the product. Available in a 28-pound bag, the product is packaged in a bag measuring 24″ x 18″ x 5.5″. These dimensions allow for easy storage.

This dog food is made from a simple recipe. Chicken is the key ingredient which is both delicious and nutritional. The absence of harmful ingredients including poultry by-products, artificial coloring, wheat, gluten, and preservatives makes it a healthy option.

Furthermore, the addition of prebiotics helps develop a better digestive system in your dog. Vegetables, minerals, and vitamins ensure that this dog food caters to the nutritional need of your dog.


2. Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry Dog Food

If you have an adult dog that loves the taste of salmon, try Halo Spot’s Stew.

Not only is this food easy to digest, but it is also appropriate for all life stages of a dog.

Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Dog Food, Adult Dog


Since this product does not contain rendered meat, by-products, and artificial colorings, it is ideal for sensitive dogs.

Its ingredients include salmon, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, whole egg, vitamins, minerals and chicken fat. These natural ingredients are perfect for all life phases of your dog. The dog food is a balanced nutritional diet for both small dogs and large ones. Moreover, the inclusion of omega fatty acids in its ingredients enhances your dog’s skin health and silky coat.

Not only is Halo playing an integral role in maintaining your dog’s health, but it is also paying its dues to society. It does so by donating animal food to shelter every time it makes a sale. Hence, every time you buy its product, you are contributing to feeding hungry animals.


3. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Without the addition of harmful ingredients including artificial colors and by-products,  Wellness Core is a top-selling dog food among dog owners. Not only does it have natural ingredients, but it also is 100% free of grain. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food


This dog food contains 80% more meat than other dog food brands. It is made specifically for adult dogs.

This dog food succeeds in balancing different natural ingredients to provide your pup with the perfect balanced diet. It is known to be a protein powerhouse and ensures that your dog receives the protein intake he requires to remain healthy.

The company also runs a thorough quality assurance program on each of its products to provide its customers with premium-quality products.

The ingredients included in this dog food range from turkey, chicken, salmon oil, fruits, vegetables, chicken fat, peas, potatoes, and vitamins. Furthermore, Wellness has added antioxidants, prebiotics, and flax and omega fatty acids. These additions play an integral role in making your dog’s skin and coat as healthy as possible. Ideal for dogs over the age of one, this product is available in 26-pound bags.


4. Purina Beyond Simply 9 Natural White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food

Purina Beyond is a brand which firmly believes that pets, just like humans, deserve high-quality food.  The absence of harmful elements allows this food to be ideal for optimal health of your dog.

Purina Beyond Simply 9 Natural White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food


The product is available in a 24-pound bag, which makes it highly convenient to use and store.

Its key ingredient is chicken, which is a popular choice for many dogs, both small breeds, and large breeds. It lacks multiple harmful components including corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product, artificial preservatives, and coloring. Thus, it allows this dog food to be ideal for sensitive dogs and is easily digestible.

Not only does Purina Beyond monitors quality via producing its product in its facilities, but it also hires animal nutritionists to formulate the perfect meal for your dog.


5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Dry Dog Food, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

Racheal Ray is known to produce high-quality dry dog food. It is also known to be socially responsible. With this product too, it doesn’t disappoint.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Dry Dog Food, Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe


This dog food incorporates chicken which is farm raised as its key ingredient. Lamb is included which is enjoyed by many canines.

It also successfully avoids the addition of harmful substances such as artificial flavors, preservatives, poultry by-products and wheat gluten.

Moreover, to aid digestion, the dog food includes natural prebiotics. Vitamins, minerals, whole grain corn, and vegetables are few of the ingredients that are used in the making of this product a complete and balanced meal.

This straightforward and natural recipe makes this dog food an ideal choice for dogs who are highly sensitive or have allergies. The method used for making this product is unique and made in the company’s kitchen.

To be socially responsible, Rachael Ray Nutrish donates animal food to shelters every time it makes a sale providing sustenance to homeless animals.


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