Best Raw Dog Food: As Natural As It Gets (Top Brands in 2018)

A pet parent knows the love they harbor for their pooch. They want what is the best for their family, and the dog is a part of their family. Like a parent wants what’s best for their kids, a pet owner wants what’s best for their furry pet. They adore their buddy and don’t want it to be weak or uneasy. They want their dog to have the best food to keep it active, tough, and in good health. However, they are not always able to attain their goals.

If you have a dog, you will understand the struggle of having to go to the vet many times a year just to figure out why your dog keeps falling ill, is weak, or just doesn’t like its food. What we all need to understand is that even though we live with these dogs, they still aren’t completely like us. They guard and protect us, but they are carnivores to the core.

Being carnivores, they crave the taste of raw meat. This is why you need to feed your pet the best raw dog food to make sure it remains well and fit. However, choosing the right dog food isn’t an easy task.

Quick Comparison: Top Raw Dog Food Brands in 2018

Dog FoodQualityOur Rating
Stella & Chewy's 1 Pouch Freeze Dried Super Meal MixersA
Real Meat Organic Dog Food – Feed MeA+
Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food MixB+
Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix Dog FoodA
Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Dinner for DogA+

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

Comparing the best raw dog food

What You Need to Know About Raw Food

If you have always given your dog homemade food yet find it unsatisfied, know that there might be something wrong with the food you are giving to it and nothing particularly wrong with your pet. Here are the basics regarding raw dog food.

Completely raw

If you plan on handing a piece of raw meat to your furry pal and calling it a healthy dinner, then you are wrong. Dogs are, no doubt, wild animals that want a bite of that raw meat, but it is not essentially healthy as there are definitely parasites residing in that slice of meat. It could also be contaminated with bacteria. Even though your dog has a good digestive system and canine teeth to grind the food, there’s no neglecting the amount of mess a dog would create indoors if it eats a piece of raw meat regularly. Even if it is not bad for its health, it’s very much for yours.

Highly processed kibble

So you think you should just go for kibble. That, dear dog parent, is also a bad idea. The thing is that the kibble available on the market is usually so highly processed that there is nothing pure and healthy left about it. It will not satisfy your dog’s scavenger needs, and neither will it bring any nourishment.

The best option

This is what’s necessary for your dog. The best option is ground like kibble and is wholesome. It is basically low-processed kibble which appeals to your dog’s senses and health requirements. The best raw food provides it with powdered beef, fruits, and veggies to guarantee its well-being.

A diet consisting of such products has several merits. These merits include solid stool, no upset tummy, no digestive issues, bright eyes, and strengthening of its gums and teeth. Research shows that dogs that eat minimally processed raw dog food are less prone to infections and allergies. By feeding it this food, you aren’t only fulfilling its desire for beefy food, but you are also keeping your house and yourself free from germs.

Hopefully, now you understand what type of food we are talking about. Now that we have dealt with this, let’s move on to helping you out a bit more by informing you about the best choices out there. Here’s a list of raw dog meal products that are reliable, low-processed, nourishing and satisfying.

Editor’s Choice – Best Raw Food For Dogs

To help you with making an informed choice, let us provide you with our top five raw dog food choices.

1. Stella & Chewy’s 1 Pouch Freeze Dried Super Meal Mixers

This dog food brand understands your love and care for your pet dog. Stella & Chewy’s 1 Pouch Freeze Dried Super Meal Mixers is kibble that is going to be your dog’s new favorite food. The products of this company are full of nutrients to keep your dog in good health.

Stella & Chewy's Rabbit Dog Food Dinner


Stella & Chewy’s beef mixes come with 85% raw meat and bones and 100% organic fruits and vegetables to ensure that your dog gets the diet it craves for. It contains totally natural food ground into powder to make it easy for you to serve your dog according to its needs. The raw food is natural and wholesome with very less processing to make sure your pet has a delicious experience.

The meal is prepared in the USA in a high-quality manner, rich in proteins and free from added fillers. From the ingredients to the production process, nothing is of poor quality.

This sustainable dog food is beneficial for your pet’s health as it enhances its immune system and stamina. It also ensures that its skin, gums, and teeth remain healthy. Lower the risk of allergies and digestion issues in your dog as this is not the sort of food that will leave your furry buddy constipated.



The brand isn’t renowned for nothing. Your pet will love its food, even if it is a picky eater. Since the ingredients used in these mixes are from trustworthy sources, the food is not only tasty but also nourishing. With this kibble, all you have to do is scoop, mix, and serve!

2. Real Meat Organic Dog Food – Feed Me

This is another reliable raw dog food company that produces excellent food for your pet dog. The Real Meat Organic Dog Food by Feed Me ensures that your pet has a balanced diet. This company understands that your pet buddy is a part of your family and you prioritize its health. The company itself gives utmost priority to making food that your dog will not only enjoy but also gain health benefits from.

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix Dog Food


The Real Meat Organic Dog Food by Feed Me promises satisfaction. The beef mix is made without any fillers, so there is no fear of contamination or allergies. This organic product is the best crunchy cuisine for your dog with no added colors or preservatives.

It has six servings full of nutrition designed to keep your dog happy, strong, and healthy. This raw dog food is enriched with proteins to see to your dog’s nourishment requirements. This sustainable raw dog kibble makes sure that your pet remains safe from allergies, rashes, digestion problems, and an unpleasant smelling mouth.

Feed Me products are also made in the USA with high-end beefy ingredients. This natural dog food is what your pet canine wants.



Real Meat Organic Dog Food by Feed Me is the perfect crunchy snack for your beloved pet. No grains or fillers are added to assure your dog has a great nutritious lunch and dinner. All you have to do is add a little water, and the meal is ready! It is definitely worth the bucks that you spent on it.

3. Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food Mix

Your dog’s well-being is this company’s first concern. Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food Mix is food that all dogs love. You’ll see the various health benefits it offers for yourself in just a short while as you notice your dog getting healthier day by day.

Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food Mix


Sojos’ products have no added chemicals, fillers, or preservatives. When it comes to your dog’s diet, the company takes your concern for it as seriously as you do. Free from gluten and grains, this raw food mix is perfect for your pet.

Mix a little water, and the food is ready. With natural, wholesome ingredients and no artificial stuff, your dog will be delighted to have this to eat. Made with real lamb, this product is prepared in the USA in small batches. Feeding it to your dog is easy and keeps your house clean too!

It includes all the beefy organs your dog wants to munch on in powder form. If your pet is a sensitive one, you’ll find it at ease with a substantial decrease in its loose stool and allergies. With many health advantages, Sojos aims to bring joy to both you and your dog.



Excellent taste makes every penny invested worth it. Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food Mix is the food your outdoor animal yearns for. This wholesome snack sees to your dog’s proper digestion too. It’s not too pricey either.

4. Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix Dog Food

The owner of this company was a dog lover herself, which is one of the reasons why you can trust this company wholeheartedly with your pup’s diet. Made of whole food, the Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix Dog Food is absolutely yummy. You can taste for yourself as it is made from ingredients we humans eat!

Real Meat Organic Dog Food - Feed Me- Freeze Dried Raw Superfood for Optimal Canine Health and Natural Longevity


This brand ensures your dog’s diet is absolutely perfect with this mix, but you can add proteins as well, as per your dog’s requirements. This is an important feature as older dogs of various breeds have different preferences.

It contains natural ingredients that your dog will find crunchy. It is not only flavorsome but also a nourishing meal for your dog and made 100% of fruits, vegetables, and raw meat. You won’t need a microscope to see that the ingredients are whole and natural without any fillers. It is made in the USA directly from the farm. This company ensures that quality is not compromised.

It is also easy to make; just mix some proteins and water and keep it for 3 minutes and the dish is all set. The thing that stands out about this company name is that its foods are 100% human-grade. This means that these are edible by humans as well! Hence, if you need to make sure that the mix is completely fit, you can taste it yourself.



Honest Kitchen dog food products are completely gratifying. The ingredients are natural and good for your dog’s health. Made from sustainable sources, this mix will be ready in 3 minutes. Your dog will no more have an upset stomach by eating unhealthy meals. It is 100% human-grade dog food that you and your dog can devour together! How cute is that?

5. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dinner for Dog

Stella & Chewy’s gets that your dog still behaves like its ancestors and craves raw meat once in a while. This is why it has come up with its Freeze Dried Dinner for Dog. Made with pure ingredients, Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dinner for Dog isn’t highly processed to provide your dog with natural ingredients.

Stella & Chewy's 1 Pouch Freeze Dried Super Meal Mixers


Every single batch of this product is carefully manufactured in a simple way. The product is not only appetizing, but it is healthy as well. It is sourced, harvested, and made in the USA. Not even a single ingredient is imported from China.

These patties are rich in proteins, and you’ll find your dog licking its paws when it is done eating a slice! With loads of nutritional advantages, the patties are made with 95% poultry and 100% organic veggies and fruits.

This product makes sure that the quality of each bite is never reduced. Your dog’s health is assured as the patties are nourishing. This makes your dog an active fellow by giving a boost to its immune system and rescuing it from the frustration of digestion and skin-related problems.

It provides your dog with the nourishment it needs to keep its coat silky and smooth, its gums and teeth in a healthy state, and its allergies at bay.



When on the lookout for the best raw dog food, you are sure to come across Stella & Chewy’s products. This brand has earned its name and like every other of its products. This one too meets your dog’s diet needs to the fullest. Made with the best ingredients and free from added chemicals and fillers, your dog will find this food to its liking.

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