Best Wire Dog Crates: Expert Guide And Reviews (2018 Updated)

Pets find comfort within dog crates and will often think of them as cozy second homes. This helpful products review lists some of the best wire dog crates as ranked by happy, satisfied customers.

Quick Comparison: Top Metal Dog Crates in 2018

Dog CrateQualityOur Rating
Midwest iCrate Pet CratesA
Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog CrateA+
AmazonBasics Single Door Folding Metal Dog CrateA
Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog CrateA-
OxGord Double-Door Folding Metal Pet CrateB

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

Editor’s Choice – Best Wire Crates For Dogs

Here’s our pick of some of the highest quality wire mesh dog crates in the market.

1. Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

The Midwest iCrate Pet Crates are ranked as a top best selling product. Several thousand happy customers give the crate solid 5-star ratings and reviews based on excellent quality and overall construction. Product models include single door and double door crates in a variety of sizes.

Midwest iCrate Dog Crates

These quality crates come fully equipped with two carrying handles for mobility when moving your pets. Door latches use side bolt design for security and safety. All of the Midwest iCrate Pet Crates include a free divider panel that pet owners can use while housebreaking their puppy.


  • The Midwest iCrate includes a plastic crate liner pan.
  • Product size options range from the 18-inch model up to the 48-inch crate.
  • Crate features include an easy fold and carry configuration.



  • It takes love and patience to get your puppy or dog acclimated to using a wire pet crate.
  • Pets need warm bedding and blankets due to open-air style and lack of insulation.

2. Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

This metal wire dog crate by Midwest is the ideal solution for training and housebreaking your pets. Sturdy construction of the crate includes round corners to help protect your pet. The Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate is easy to put together and no tools are needed.

MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Pet Crate

Transporting the crate is easy with the attached plastic carrying handles. Clean up is quick with no fuss as the plastic pan is easy to maintain while housebreaking your dog. The crate is available as a single door or double door model and comes in a variety of sizes.


  • Crates are available for both small and large dogs, ranging from 22-inches up to 48-inches.
  • The metal wire crate has a satin black e-coat finish that is durable and long lasting.
  • A free divider is included to make housebreaking easier.



  • Gradually introduce your dog or puppy to the metal wire dog crate so it is more comfortable.
  • Wire dog crates are ventilated but do not provide warmth – proper pet bedding adds comfort.

3. AmazonBasics Single Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Consumers love the AmazonBasics Single Door Folding Metal Dog Crate. As a top selling product, posted reviews consistently rank the crate with positive comments and 5-stars for quality and durability. Safety and security is enhanced with slide-bolt door latches.

AmazonBasics Single Door Folding Metal Pet Crate

Clean-up is quick and easy with the removable plastic liner pan. The metal crate design is strong and easily folds flat so that you can store it away or carry it with you when traveling. There are no sharp edges with the rounded corners so your pet is safe and secure.


  • AmazonBasics comes with a free divider panel to adjust living space during housetraining.
  • Crate size options are available for small, medium, and large breed dogs.
  • The metal dog crate keeps your pet safe, secure, and comfortable when unattended.



  • Dogs with separation anxiety will need time and patience to feel secure in a metal dog crate.
  • Wire dog crates need the warmth of added blankets and bedding during colder months.

4. Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate

This best-selling wire dog crate by Carlson features quality, durable construction using all steel for a long-lasting product. The black plastic liner can easily be removed for quick cleaning. The Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate quickly folds for on-the-go mobility when traveling.

Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Pet Crate

Your pets will enjoy the comfort and security provided by the metal wire dog crate. Housebreaking is a breeze when you combine training with a dog crate to help your pet learn the rules. Setup is quick and easy and you do not need a toolbox to put the metal wire dog crate together.


  • Size options include small, medium, intermediate, large, and extra large wire crates.
  • Plastic liner provides waterproof protection while housetraining puppies.
  • Crate is safe and secure with a single bolt door locking design.



  • Housetraining your pet with a metal wire crate requires time and patience.
  • A dog bed or towels and blankets are required to provide necessary warmth.

5. OxGord Double-Door Folding Metal Pet Crate

Features of this heavy duty dog crate by OxGord include quick and convenient easy setup. You do not need any special tools to put the crate together and storage is as simple as folding the crate when not needed. The OxGord Double-Door Folding Metal Pet Crate is ranked highly by many satisfied customers.

OxGord PT-CG-20 Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Durability and strength can be credited to the all steel construction for long product life. The crate has a black coat finish and is resistant to rust and corrosion. A plastic tray liner can quickly be removed for washing when housetraining your dog.


  • Double-door size options include 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” crates.
  • Free dividers are included with the OxGord metal wire dog crates.
  • Transporting the crate is easy with the comfortable attached carry handle.



  • Measure your pet correctly to make sure you get the right size wire crate for added comfort.
  • Properly insulate the bottom of the wire dog crate with bedding during the colder seasons (and consider getting a dog crate cover).

Keep Your Dog Safe and Secure with a Wire Dog Crate

Wire dog crates are used by pet owners for housetraining and to provide their dogs with a safe and secure environment when left alone. Dog crates can be especially beneficial for aggressive pets that chew or those that suffer from separation anxiety.

Choosing the best product for your pet can be quite a task. With so many different types of dog crates on the market, it is helpful to read reviews for feedback and guidance. This list of product reviews was created based on actual consumer rankings to help you find the best wire dog crate for your pet.