Best Wooden Dog Crates: 5 Top Quality Pick (2018 Edition)

Wooden crates are preferred by dog parents who like to give their pets a quality enclosure that is comfortable, roomy and, in most cases, is a onetime investment that lasts for years. Not to mention that it fits easily into any décor theme and some are even multipurpose furniture pieces. But, despite being tagged under the single category of wooden crates, these also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and material choices. To help you understand how to make the selection – we’ve prepared this small guide and a list of the quality dog crate furniture available on the market.

Quick Comparison: Top Wood Dog Crates in 2018

Dog CrateQualityOur Rating
Crown Pet Crate TableA
Richell End Table Dog CrateA-
ALEKO Large Weatherproof Dog KennelB+
Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and GateA-
Casual Home 600-24 Pet Crate End TableB+

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

A puppy playing with wood

Why You Should Buy a Crate For Your Dog

Increased awareness and a wider exposure to the internet has helped new dog owners realize the importance of crate training. What was often misunderstood as an inhumane way to deal with a pet is now being looked upon as a very effective and stress-free way to introduce your dog to their own sanctuary that they can retire to every day. And there are more reasons for you to get your dogs trained than not.

For starters, a crate trained dog is less likely to get injured during travel and they are less likely to distract you as they scamper around looking for clues under your seat as you are driving on the highway. It also helps prevent separation anxiety, aggression, destructive and dominant behavior.

The challenge though, is to find the perfect crate. Dog crates come in a plethora of sizes, materials, shapes and styles. Although, the most commonly seen ones are the cheap plastic crates or wire crates that have become synonymous with dog crates, no other material offers the durability and the stability that wood does.

How to Pick a Wooden Crate For Dog

In most cases, people suggest that getting a crate that the dog can easily stand and turn in, is the pre-requisite and everything else is secondary. However, there is more to it than just getting the sizing right.

The material

Undoubtedly, the first and the most important factor is the type of wood used to make the crate. The most commonly used ones are maple wood, mahogany, cherry wood, and walnut. All of these are extremely durable and can sustain the wear and tear of everyday use. They are also lightweight, making them perfect for wooden crates. Some newer crates are also made of engineered wood that can replicate the look of almost any type of wood and is a lot more durable. However, nothing can match the aesthetics that an authentic wooden cage gives – you won’t need a dog crate cover for this!.

The features

Almost every wooden crate in the market is multifunctional. While some can be folded and dismantled completely when not in use, to save space, others can double up as a folding gate for a specific area of your home or lawn. The most popular variety is the wooden crate that doubles up as a coffee table for your living room. A sliding, removable bottom panel allows you to clean the crate easily. Access to the inner parts of the crate to allow easy cleaning and a waterproof surface inside that prevents the wood from warping, are a must have.

The size

If you intend to keep the crate inside your house, you’d want to ensure that you buy one that fits into the room without looking oversized. Folding cages are definitely a better choice for compact sized rooms and RVs. The other option is the coffee table crate that serves its purpose in any house or office setting.

While that covers the essentials, there can be a lot more to consider when it comes to buying a wooden crate for your dog. The finish, portability (casters and rollers), the load capacity (for larger dogs) and chew-proof cages for escape artists are some of the additional features that pet owners desire.

Editor’s Choice – Best Wooden Dog Crates

Without much ado, here’s our list of the top 5 wooden crates for dogs in the market currently.

1. Crown Pet Crate Table

Constructed from durable hardwood and available in three different finishes, the Crown Pet Crate is one of the most popular wooden crates for dogs. As the name suggests, it doubles up as a coffee table and the premium finish fits right into your décor theme. Most people wouldn’t even notice that it’s a dog crate unless they look closely.

Crown Pet Crate Table


At 21 inches wide x 29.7 inches deep x 24 inches high for the medium size, the Pet Crate Table from Crown has a very small footprint. It will not look oversized even in a small apartment. At the same time, it offers enough room for the pet to stand, lie and turn around.

The multiple vents on the crate allow for a well ventilated resting den and also gives the pet a 360 degree view of the surroundings.

Access to the crate is via a swing-through door that rotates to the inside of the crate and does not eat up valuable space in your home. A removable MDF floor with a melamine coating allows easy cleaning and maintenance.



Stylish appearance, solid construction (Mortise and Tenon), waterproof floor, multiple finishes for décor compatibility and a plastic clear-floor for dogs that like to chew on their cages. There’s not much that you can ask from a wooden crate. This is hands down, the best dog crate end table that you can buy.

2. Richell End Table Dog Crate

Fancy adding an end table to your living room? How about one that also functions as a dog crate? This amazing little dog crate from Richell is a versatile furniture piece that is flawlessly designed. Its appeal stems from the stunning finish and the incredibly useful top surface that can easily hold up to 50 lbs. of weight without affecting the crate or the pet inside. Vase, lamp or other sundry details, this will hold it perfectly.

Richell End Table Dog Crate


This dog crate from Richell is just the right size for large as well as medium sized dogs. It is available in two sizes by the way and you can pick the one that best suits you. The construction is really solid. It is very easy to put together and you can feel that this is not a flimsy, cheap replica.

Access to the cage is made easier by a door that swings all the way to the side and latches on to the vents with a side stopper attachment. Also, the bottom of the crate is a sliding tray that can easily be removed and cleaned.



The all wood construction and the superb design make this a great choice for an indoor dog crate. It is compact sized and can easily accommodate dogs of all sizes. Really cannot go wrong with this.

3. ALEKO® DH46X31X31WD Large Weatherproof Dog Kennel

The ALEKO® DH46X31X31WD is a large sized dog kennel that will make a great addition to your lawn. It is made from solid pine and is completely weatherproof with a beautiful house shaped finish. At 46 X 31 X 31 inches, it is an ideal dog house for extra large sized dogs. If you have a Labrador, a Golden retriever or a German shepherd, then you’ve just found the best large wooden crate for your buddy.

ALEKO® DH46X31X31WD Large Weatherproof Dog Kennel


Aleko’s range of wooden dog crates have become extremely popular in recent times owing to their superior quality that does not compromise on the aesthetics. Despite being dog crates, they look more like proper kennels and the construction will give you a maintenance free dog house that will last for years.

The DH46X31X31WD features a raised floor that allows air to circulate under the dog crate and keeps the crate warm and dry in different seasons. At the same time, it is completely removable for easy cleaning. The adjustable feel allow you to keep the crate stable on an uneven surface. If you have a contoured lawn, then you can be rest assured that the crate won’t wobble.

If you need to dismantle the crate or just wash it down completely, the roof is removable and features two locking arms that are easy to access.



It is very difficult to find a wooden crate for the outdoors that’s waterproof and looks perfect too. The ALEKO® DH46X31X31WD is a great choice for pet owners with large sized dogs. It is durable, looks amazing and comes at a very attractive price point.

4. Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate

The 2-in-1 configurable pet crate and gate from Merry products is a favorite with homeowners due to the versatile multipurpose design. As the name suggests, this folds into a compact wooden crate with great aesthetics and when needed, unfolds into a sturdy gate when not in use as a crate. Featuring a hardwood construction with a walnut finish, this is a perfect addition to any home or décor theme.

Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate


This 2-in-1 pet crate is shipped in a large sized box and is protected by Styrofoam to prevent the finish from getting scratched. Assembly is extremely easy and all that is needed is to line up the hinges which are preassembled and drop the hinge pin in it. The crate features metal bars that are strong and welded to prevent your dog from chewing through it or escaping by bending it.

When used as a gate, it suffices to keep smaller and medium sized dogs confined to a specific part of the room or the house. Each of the panels can also be removed to block off specific areas. The fact that it can be dismantled, also makes it a low maintenance option that is easy to clean.

On the bottom, there is a removable plastic tray that slides out and can be washed to clean it.



This is a very versatile choice for a wooden crate that has one of the best designs that we have ever seen. The cover is solid wooden veneer and the finish is perfect to blend in with any décor theme. Priced at under $150, this is a great buy.

5. Casual Home 600-24 Pet Crate End Table

Last but not the least, we have this tastefully designed Pet crate that doubles up as an end table. Crafted from rubberwood or hevea wood, which is environment friendly, this compact sized crate has a beautiful mahogany finish that is much sought after in furniture pieces.

Casual Home 600-24 Pet Crate End Table


The Casual Home 600-24 features a hard-sided wooden frame structure with slats that allow excellent ventilation and sunlight for the pet. The rubberwood construction makes it rot free and the other components are pure rust-free stainless steel, giving you the assurance that it will retain the blemish free finish for a long time. If your pet has a habit of breaking out of the crate, then you can use the latch on the front door to secure it.

Further, it is leak proof and will keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. Use it as a night stand or a coffee table, and it fits the bill perfectly without affecting the pet inside.



This is a cozy resting place for your pet that also doubles up as a very useful and practical furniture piece. The construction is top notch and it also has a great finish that is perfect for use in the living room or the bedroom. With minimal assembly and a great price tag, this wooden crate from casual home is a perfect choice for pets of all sizes.

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