Dogs that don't shed don't need frequent grooming

Dogs That Don’t Shed

‘Dogs that don’t shed’! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? If that were really possible, you’d get to enjoy the unfathomable moments of joy that only Fido can bring into your life without having to spend hours scraping pet hair and dander off the carpet.

Not to forget the couch. Oh, did I forget to mention the refrigerator and the TV?

That’s an end to lint rolls and pet hair vacuum systems.

The fact is that most people would love to get a dog home. But a lot of them refrain from doing so because of dog related allergies. Others just hate the sight of dog hair everywhere around them.

This has led to a gradual rise in the demand for ‘hypoallergenic dogs’.

We’d take that with a pinch of salt and call that term a misnomer because every dog in the world will shed some amount of hair and dander which can potentially trigger an allergy.

‘Dogs that don’t shed as much as normal dogs do’ would be a better way to phrase it. And there are some dog breeds which fit perfectly into that description.

Today, we will help you decipher the myth behind ‘dogs that don’t shed’ and separate facts from fiction. We will also walk you through some of the common dog breeds that don’t shed as much as the average pooch does. And we will also explain some of the best choices you have if you are looking for dogs that don’t shed.

Sit bag, grab a bag of popcorn or your favorite dog food and enjoy the read.

Why do Dogs Shed?

Shedding is a natural process for a healthy dog which helps them replace old or damaged hair with fresh hair follicles. However, the amount of hair that a dog sheds can vary greatly according to their breed, age, size, health and even the season.

For example, some dog breeds grow a heavy undercoat during the winters which helps them cope with the cold. Come spring, this excess coat is nothing but a hindrance that can elevate their body temperatures which makes them shed it.

That’s completely natural and you can do nothing to avoid it. At best, grooming can help minimize the amount of hair that is shed around home. Make it a routine to brush your dog’s coat each morning and most of the hair that’s about to shed can be removed easily at this time.

However, at times, some dogs can shed in excess which may be a sign of an underlying health problem.

When Does Shedding Indicate a Health Problem?

If you suspect that your dog is shedding more than normal or there’s an increase in the frequency at which you are vacuuming dog hair off the carpet, then something may be amiss. However, it is too difficult to determine the cause without an examination by a vet.

Everything from a change in weather to a sudden change in the surroundings can cause dogs to shed in excess. Stress, anxiety, an upset tummy, parasitic infestations, bugs, mites, fungal infections, immune diseases, household cleaners, foods, hormonal changes the list is endless.

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Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

Small dogs which are often called pocket sized breeds are perfect for small sized homes, apartments and the likes. Most of these breeds require very little space and have a fiery personality that makes them great companions for a small family.

But most small dog breeds are notorious shedders. Well, most of them.

There are a few lesser known breeds though which don’t shed as much and have now become quite popular among the hypoallergenic pet community.

Here are three of these:

  1. American hairless terrier: It’s called hairless for a reason. That’s because it does not have hair. The skin is smooth and is prone to skin infections due to the lack of a protective coat of hair. Upkeep includes frequent bathing, wiping with baby wipes and brushing once a week with a soft brush. Being a terrier, these are livewires that love to expend their energy.
  2. Basenji: Also known as the ‘Bark less’ dog, you’ll rarely get complaints about the ruckus this dog creates. Also, they are affectionate, friendly and good with kids which makes them excellent apartment dogs. One of the advantages is that they shed very little. They have a thin and short coat that takes minimum upkeep.
  3. Affenpinscher: Don’t let the appearance of the Affenpinscher fool you. Despite the bushy short coat and monkey like appearance, it is one of the breeds that rarely sheds. You won’t be spending days cleaning pet hair off the furniture.

Large Dogs That Don’t Shed

There’s a general misconception that big dog breeds are always messy and shed year-round. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are some fine big dog breeds with short coats that don’t shed. The coats can be prone to matting though and will take some amount of upkeep. But you certainly wont be spending a fortune on lint rolls.

  • Doberman Pinscher: Excellent watchdogs, varmint hunters and great companions, the Doberman pinscher is the dog for you if you hate scooping dog hair by the bush.
  • Great Dane: Don’t let the size fool you. Great Danes are gentle giants. These loving and affectionate dogs are low maintenance and don’t shed.
  • Boxer: These stockily built dogs with their taut muscular frame and short hair are an excellent choice for hypoallergenic dogs. All they need is a monthly bath and weekly brush to keep their cropped coat in excellent condition.

Medium Dogs That Don’t Shed

Last but not the least, we have a few dogs for you in the medium weight category. These are neither large sized breeds nor pocket sized ones. Think of them are something in between.

  1. Tibetan terrier: Once again, a terrier makes it into the list of hypoallergenic dogs. These dogs look like they are a shedding machine. But they rarely do. It will take daily brushing to keep the tangles off though.
  2. Whippet: A smaller and distant cousin of the greyhound, the Whippet has a soft and short coat. Brush once a week and bathe once a month to keep the coat gleaming. Super low maintenance dog, this one.
  3. Labradoodle: While we usually refrain from adding or recommending hybrids, the labradoodle is becoming increasingly popular among medium dogs that don’t shed. They are the best mix of a Labrador retriever and a normal poodle.