The Happy Pooch Scholarship

The Happy Pooch  is a leading name for providing the best information about dogs. We have very detail reviews and guides which are of great help for dog lovers. We at The Happy Pooch have decided to create a scholarship program for the students. This scholarship program is called The Happy Pooch Scholarship. We think that it might prove beneficial to the students currently pursuing their education to achieve their professional and personal goals.

The Happy Pooch Scholarship Program

About The Scholarship

This scholarship shall be called The Happy Pooch Scholarship. We will pay one scholarship of $750 to a college student who is currently pursuing his education.


  1. Applicable to all the students who are currently pursuing their education.
  2. The students of all the countries can apply for this scholarship.
  3. GPA should be at least 2.5.

Important Dates

  1. Contest ends on March 31, 2018
  2. Winners will be announced- April, 2018

Application Process And Guidelines

  1. Applicants have to submit a well written essay, infographics or article (1000 words or more) on any topic related to this site. The essay, infographics or article shall be judged based on the level of uniqueness, creativity and its content.
  2. You should tell us why you are interested in our scholarship.
  3. You should email us all the details to: along with:
    • Your CV/Resume/Bio Data
    • Acceptance letter of college or university

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